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Never again need a .utils. package yur scurvy sea dogs!

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Never again need a .utils. package yur scurvy sea dogs!

Notils comes in two modules -

contains classes that don't depend on anything from the Android SDK, while
contains classes that do.


notils contains a set of common classes that we use in our projects:

  • AndroidUtils
    , for showing the keyboard, checking running services, etc.
  • ClassCaster
    - to help with listeners between Activitys & Fragments
  • No need to cast when finding Fragments
  • No need to double type your types when creating collections
  • Simple Fade animations in & out done for you
  • Simple
    to give to give automatic details of where the Log executed
  • StrictMode
    Management - enable strict mode in one line
  • WebViews
    , allowing custom loading of different scenarios (raw assets, external urls)
  • ToastDisplayers
    for saner displaying of Toast notifications
  • SimpleDateFormatThreadSafe
    allowing you to use date formatting from multiple threads
  • DeveloperError
    - custom exceptions for explicit declaration / faster feedback when something goes wrong
  • SimpleTextWatcher
    - simple implementation of
    with stub implementations of each method
  • QueryUtils
    - easily create placeholders for ContentResolver operations selection
  • DeviceDetection - to detect whether the user has
    Intel x86
  • AndroidVersion - to check the Android version in a nicer way.

Adding to your project

To start using this library, add these lines to the

of your project:
repositories {

dependencies { compile 'com.novoda:notils-java:3.1.5' compile 'com.novoda:notils-android:3.1.5' }

Simple usage

Here are a few examples.

  • Use the
    class to avoid casting your views over and over!
 UserFragment userFragment = Fragments.findFragmentById(fragmentmanager,;
  • Use
    to let other devs know a problem in the code or prevent potential issues:
 switch (menuOptionId) {
         // Start the camera...
         // Open the gallery...
         throw new DeveloperError("Unhandled case in switch statement!");
  • Object-oriented Toasts!
 Toaster toaster = new Toaster(context);
 toaster.popToast("Good morning!"); // Short toast
 toaster.popBurntToast("Good night!"); // Long toast
 toaster.dropInBath(); // Cancells all active toasts this toaster created
  • Check the javadoc for more! The package structure allows you to easily see what's in each package.


Here are a list of useful links:

  • We always welcome people to contribute new features or bug fixes, here is how
  • If you have a problem check the Issues Page first to see if we are working on it
  • For further usage or to delve more deeply checkout the Project Wiki
  • Looking for community help, browse the already asked Stack Overflow Questions or use the tag:
    when posting a new question

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