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Wallpaper engine PKG extractor/TEX to image converter

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Wallpaper engine PKG unpacker/TEX converter, written in C#.

PKG and TEX formats reverse engineered by me.

Feel free to report errors.


  • Extract PKG files
  • Convert PKG into wallpaper engine project
  • Convert TEX to image
  • Dump PKG/TEX info


  • help - shows those commands, use
    help "extract"
    help "info"
    to see options for them
  • extract - extracts specified PKG/TEX file, or files from folder
    -o, --output          (Default: ./output) Output directory
    -i, --ignoreexts      Don't extract files with specified extensions (delimited by comma ",")
    -e, --onlyexts        Only extract files with specified extensions (delimited by comma ",")
    -d, --debuginfo       Print debug info while extracting/decompiling
    -t, --tex             Convert all TEX files into images from specified directory in input
    -s, --singledir       Should all extracted files be put in one directory instead of their entry path
    -r, --recursive       Recursive search in all subfolders of specified directory
    -c, --copyproject     Copy project.json and preview.jpg from beside PKG into output directory
    -n, --usename         Use name from project.json as project subfolder name instead of id
    --no-tex-convert      Don't convert TEX files into images while extracting PKG
    --overwrite           Overwrite all existing files
  • info - Dumps PKG/TEX info
    -s, --sort             Sort entries a-z
    -b, --sortby           (Default: name) Sort by ... (available options: name, extension, size)
    -t, --tex              Dump info about all TEX files from specified directory
    -p, --projectinfo      Keys to dump from project.json (delimit using comma) (* for all)
    -e, --printentries     Print entries in packages
    --title-filter         Title filter


Simply extract PKG and convert TEX entries into images to output folder created in current directory

repkg extract E:\Games\steamapps\workshop\content\123\scene.pkg
Find PKG files in subfolders of specified directory and make wallpaper engine projects out of them in output directory
repkg extract -c E:\Games\steamapps\workshop\content\123
Find PKG files in subfolders of specified directory and only convert TEX entries to png then put them in ./output omitting their paths from PKG:
repkg extract -e tex -s -o ./output E:\Games\steamapps\workshop\content\123
Convert all TEX files to images from specific folder
repkg extract -t -s E:\path\to\dir\with\tex\files

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