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⚛️ A feature rich notifications library for React Native Android & iOS, built by @invertase, the authors of @react-native-firebase.

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Notifee - React Native

A feature rich Android & iOS notifications library for React Native.

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yarn add @notifee/react-native



The APIs for Android allow for creating rich, styled and highly interactive notifications. Below you'll find guides that cover the supported Android features.

| Topic | | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Appearance | Change the appearance of a notification; icons, colors, visibility etc. | | Behaviour | Customize how a notification behaves when it is delivered to a device; sound, vibration, lights etc. | | Channels & Groups | Organize your notifications into channels & groups to allow users to control how notifications are handled on their device | | Foreground Service | Long running background tasks can take advantage of a Android Foreground Services to display an on-going, prominent notification. | | Grouping & Sorting | Group and sort related notifications in a single notification pane. | | Interaction | Allow users to interact with your application directly from the notification with actions. | | Progress Indicators | Show users a progress indicator of an on-going background task, and learn how to keep it updated. | | Styles | Style notifications to show richer content, such as expandable images/text, or message conversations. | | Timers | Display counting timers on your notification, useful for on-going tasks such as a phone call, or event time remaining. |


Below you'll find guides that cover the supported iOS features.

| Topic | | | ----------------------------------------------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------------------ | | Appearance | Change now the notification is displayed to your users. | | Behaviour | Control how notifications behave when they are displayed to a device; sound, crtitial alerts etc. | | Categories | Create & assign categories to notifications. | | Interaction | Handle user interaction with your notifications. | | | Permissions | Request permission from your application users to display notifications. | |


Built and maintained with 💛 by Invertase.

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