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Delete branches that have been squashed and merged into master

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This is a tool that deletes all of your git branches that have been "squash-merged" into master.

This is useful if you work on a project that squashes branches into master. After your branch is squashed and merged, you can use this tool to clean up the local branch.



To run as a shellscript, simply copy the following command (setting up an alias is recommended). There's no need to clone the repo.

git checkout -q master && git for-each-ref refs/heads/ "--format=%(refname:short)" | while read branch; do mergeBase=$(git merge-base master $branch) && [[ $(git cherry master $(git commit-tree $(git rev-parse $branch\^{tree}) -p $mergeBase -m _)) == "-"* ]] && git branch -D $branch; done


You can also install the tool as a Node.js package from NPM. (The package code is in this repo.)

$ npm install --global git-delete-squashed
$ git-delete-squashed


To determine if a branch is squash-merged, git-delete-squashed creates a temporary dangling squashed commit with

git commit-tree
. Then it uses
git cherry
to check if the squashed commit has already been applied to

. If so, it deletes the branch.

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