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Google Protocol Buffes support for Intellij IDEA

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PLUGIN AUTHOR Matveev Nikolay


USEFUL LINKS: 1. Protocol Buffers brief and only documentation -

CONFIGURE DEVELOPMENT 1. Set 'IDEA sdk' as the name of the project IDEA plugin SDK 2. Project Java language level is 1.6

HOW TO compile plugin: 1. Just add idea.jar to your IDEA SDK classpath(justification of it you can find in AUTHOR NOTE#4)

AUTHOR NOTES: 1. Protocol Buffers language haven't any reserved keywords, thus I have to be tricky in some places. 2. [protobuf.lang.psi.impl.reference.PbRefImpl:355:21] Using LightCodeFixtureTextCase leads to problems with temp directory, thus I have to use such hack to make method works both in real and test mode. 3. Plugin is idea.jar-dependent, because it uses very useful implementation of PsiElement - ASTWrapperPsiElement, testing of plugin bases on class LightCodeInsightFixtureTestCase extending UsefulTestCase in idea.jar and several not so important, but time-saving use cases.

KNOWN ISSUES: 1. Problems with fixing highlighting: 1. While annotating I can change a color of the bold text, but cannot apply Font.PLAIN attribute(but Font.ITALIC works) 2. I try to fix a lot of highlighting misses, but in some cases it is still incorrect. For example if anybody creates enum with enum constant named "true" and then specified it as a option value. I believe that it is exotic.

  1. Compiler: I don't know how compiler will behave if the "output source directory" located separate from project

  2. a lot of to do in the code...

CONTRIBUTION AND PLUGIN WRITING STUDY All sources are available on License is absent. To contact author use the github mailbox.

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