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Artisan is a simple iOS application to search for and display information and related mixes from a particular musical artist.

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Artisan for iOS

Artisan is a simple iOS application to search for and display information and related mixes from a particular musical artist. It utilizes the 8tracks and Last.FM APIs. It was created in less than half a day (6-8 hours)!

If you have any questions, email me at [email protected] or create a new issue with specifics.

Screen Shots

Initial Screen Artist Information Artist Mixes Playing Mix

Getting Started

Obtain your API keys from Last.FM and 8tracks.

Next, open up Xcode and define the constants,

with the API keys you just obtained.

Why is this open source?

This is open source because I hope that you can learn from it! This is a simple app that should inspire new iOS app developers. I am still learning too, so any improvements or suggestions in the way that I am doing things are greatly appreciated.

This is also my way of giving back to the community, I have learned so much from other open source projects here on GitHub. This is my first project I've decided to make open source, hopefully I can contribute more in the future.


Artisan for iOS is released under a slightly modified Simplified BSD License.

Please don't upload this code directly to the App Store as is without making subsantial improvements. In other words, please don't be a jerk.


If you want to fix bugs or implement new features, have at it! All that I ask is that you make proper attributions. If you make something spiffy, send it over, I'd love to see it! Keep those pull requests coming!

Give Back

Check out my other app on the App Store, Instago (@instagoapp).

Follow me on Twitter, @nmock.

Known Bugs / Possible improvements

More robust API response field / error checking

Paginate 8tracks mix feed

Wrap 8tracks mix feed

Parse / handle links in artist bio (i.e. correct mispellings, link to other artist pages, etc.)

Save bandwidth / load times by loading remote @2x / @1x assets appropriately

Abstract view drawing methods

Handle no results

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