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Web Component extending IFrame to bypass X-Frame-Options: deny/sameorigin

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Published on webcomponents.org

X-Frame-Bypass is a Web Component, specifically a Customized Built-in Element, which extends an IFrame to bypass the

X-Frame-Options: deny/sameorigin
response header. Normally such headers prevent embedding a web page in an

 element, but X-Frame-Bypass is using a CORS proxy to allow this.


  1. (Optional) Include the Custom Elements with Built-in Extends polyfill for Safari:

  2. Include the X-Frame-Bypass JS module:

  3. Insert the X-Frame-Bypass Custom Element:



See the Hacker News using X-Frame-Bypass. Supported are current versions of Chrome and Firefox browsers. Edge and Safari do not support Customized Built-in Elements yet.


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