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A list of python hacking scripts I wrote with the guide of this book

This is a current work in progress.

I also have some PenTesting/ Hacking and Coding videos on my YouTube Channel if you're into that.

As soon as I've finished the book, I'll fork this project and create a more usefull pentesting-framework.

List of Scripts and what they do:


A simple zip-pw dictionary cracker.


python -f  -d 

This script will crack a pw- protected zip file with a dictionary list. It will create a pseudo- Thread for each dictionary_file line to speed up the process.


Clone of conficker exploit


python -H  -l  [-p  -F ]
Simplifies the process of creating a conficker exploit by handling all the configuration and launching the exploit via msf.


A port scanner for hostnames/ips and port(s)

Usage: ``` bash python -H -p python -H -p ""

eg for multiple port scan

python -H -p "20, 21, 443" ```

Same as but with nmap integration.

A simple scanner for common vulnerabilities.



vuln_list.txt can contain banner info like - "FreeFloat FTP Server" - "3Com 3CDaemon FTP Server Version 2"

as suggested by the book. Not limited to FTP- Services.

Scans some ports in a range of IP- Adresses to get vulnerable services.


A simple brute-forcer for ssh connections, using a dictionary.


python -H  -u  -F 
Tries to brute- force an ssh connection for a given user using a dictionary.


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