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Regular Expression Cheat Sheet - PCRE

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Regular Expression Cheat Sheet - PCRE

|Anchor|Description|Example|Valid match|Invalid| :---|:---|:---|:---|--- ^|start of string or line|^foam|foam|bath foam| \A|start of string in any match mode|\Afoam|foam|bath foam| $|end of string or line|finish$|finish|finnish| \Z|end of string, or char before last new line in any match mode|finish\Z|finish|finnish| \z|end of string, in any match mode.| \G|end of the previous match or the start of the string for the first match|^(get|set)|\G\w+$|setValue|seValue \b|word boundary; position between a word character (\w), and a nonword character (\W)|\bis\b|This island is beautiful|This island isn't beautiful \B|not-word-boundary.|\Bland|island|peninsula

|Assertion|Description|Example|Valid match|Invalid| :---|:---|:---|:---|--- (?=...)|positive lookahead|question(?=s)|questions|question (?!...)|negative lookahead|answer(?!s)|answer| answers (?<=...)|positive look-behind|(?<=appl)e|apple|application (?<!...)|negative look-behind|(?<!goo)d|mood|good

|Char class|Description|Example|Valid match|Invalid| :---|:---|:---|:---|--- [ ]|class definition|[axf]|a, x, f|b [ - ]|class definition range|[a-c]|a, b, c|d [ \ ]|escape inside class|[a-f.]|a, b, .| g [^ ]|Not in class|[^abc]|d, e| a [:class:]|POSIX class|[:alpha:]|string|0101 .|match any chars except new line|b.ttle|battle, bottle| bttle \s|white space, [\n\r\f\t ]|good\smorning|good morning|good.morning \S|no-white space, [^\n\r\f\t]|good\Smorning|good.morning|good morning \d| digit|\d{2}|23|1a \D| non-digit|\D{3}|foo, bar|fo1 \w| word, [a-z-A-Z0-9]|\w{4}|v411|v4.1 \W|non word, [^a-z-A-Z0-9]|.$%?|.$%?|.ab?

|Special character|Description :---|:--- \|general escape| \n|new line| \r|carriage return| \t|tab| \v|vertical tab| \f|form feed| \a|alarm| [\b]|backspace| \e|escape| \cchar|Ctrl + char(ie:\cc is Ctrl+c) \ooo|three digit octal (ie: \123) \xhh|one or two digit hexadecimal (ie: \x10) \x{hex}|any hexadecimal code (ie: \x{1234}) \p{xx}|char with unicode property (ie: \p{Arabic} \P{xx}|char without unicode property

|Sequence|Description|Example|Valid match|Invalid| :---|:---|:---|:---|--- ||alternation|apple|orange|apple, orange|melon ( )| subpattern |foot(er|ball)|footer or football|footpath (?P<name>...)|subpattern, and capture submatch into name|

|hello|hallo (?:...)|subpattern, but does not capture submatch|(?:hello)|hello|hallo +| one or more quantifier|ye+ah|yeah, yeeeah|yah
| zero or more quantifier|yeah|yeeah, yeeeah, yah|yeh ?| zero or one quantifier|yes?|yes, ye|yess
??| zero or one, as few times as possible (lazy)|yea??h|yeah|yeaah| +?| one or more lazy |


matches only

?| zero or more, lazy|`/<.?>/g
{n}|n times exactly|fo{2}|foo|fooo
{n,m}|from n to m times|go{2,3}d|good,goood|gooood
{n,}|at least n times|go{2,}|goo, gooo|go
(?(condition)...)|if-then pattern|

, p|

^(?(?=q)que|ans)`|question, answer|quote

|Pattern modifier|Description| :---|:--- g| global match i| case-insensitiv, match both uppercase and lowercase m| multiple lines s| single line (by default) x| ingore whitespace allows comments A| anchored, the pattern is forced to ^ D| dollar end only, a dollar metacharacter matches only at the end S| extra analysis performed, useful for non-anchored patterns U| ungreedy, greedy patterns becomes lazy by default X| additional functionality of PCRE (PCRE extra) J| allow duplicate names for subpatterns u| unicode, pattern and subject strings are treated as UTF-8

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