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Now on CRAN: custom theme support for R Shinydashboard applications.

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An R package to provide custom theme options for Shinydashboard applications.

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  • Straightforward use of a new set of themes and logos.

  • Easy creation of new themes and logos, without knowledge of CSS code.

  • Use of live theme switchers in apps (Guide available here).

  • Theme designer (Available here)


From CRAN:


From GitHub:



| Function | Description | Input | Output | | ------------- |----------------------|----------------------|-------------------| | shinyDashboardThemes | Calls a custom theme created using shinyDashboardThemeDIY | Theme name | Theme settings object | | shinyDashboardLogo | Calls a custom logo created using shinyDashboardLogoDIY | Theme name and logo text | Logo settings object | | shinyDashboardThemeDIY | Creates a custom theme object | Size, colour and other settings for each UI element. See function documentation for input options | Theme settings object | | shinyDashboardLogoDIY | Creates a custom logo object. Inspired from here | Size and colour for the logo. See function documentation for input options | Logo settings object | | cssGradientThreeColors | Creates a three colour gradient to be used in themes | Gradient direction, colours, position of middle colour | CSS gradient |

Using logos

Use by inserting into the title parameter within the dashboardHeader part of an application. ```R

... ### ui ui <- dashboardPage(

### ui header

changing logo

title = shinyDashboardLogo( theme = "blue_gradient", boldText = "Shiny", mainText = "App", badgeText = "v1.1" ) ...

Using themes

Use by inserting into the dashboardBody part of an application.



ui body


### changing theme
  theme = "blue_gradient"

### ui tabs

Creating new logos

Example of creating a custom logo object. Each parameter can be changed as required. ```R

### creating custom logo object customLogo <- shinyDashboardLogoDIY(

boldText = "SD"
,mainText = "Themes"
,textSize = 16
,badgeText = "v1.1"
,badgeTextColor = "white"
,badgeTextSize = 2
,badgeBackColor = "#40E0D0"
,badgeBorderRadius = 3


### calling custom logo object in shinydashboard ... ### ui ui <- dashboardPage(

  ### ui header

### changing logo
title = customLogo

Creating new themes

Example of creating a custom theme object. Each parameter can be changed as required.


creating custom theme object


New themes

| Theme | Code | Description | | ------------------ |------------|-----------------------------------------------| | Blue gradient | bluegradient | Demonstrates use of gradients, shadows and rounded corners | | Flat Red | flatred | Flat colour theme with red highlights. | | Grey light | greylight | Simple, light theme using a grey colour schemes | | Grey dark | greydark | Demonstrates use of inverted dark colour schemes | | OneNote | onenote | Styled similarly to the OneNote application | | Poor man's Flatly | poormansflatly | Poor man's version of the Flatly theme | Purple gradient | purple_gradient | Demonstrates high use of gradients and a smaller sidebar |

Blue gradient


Flat Red


Grey light


Grey dark




Poor man's Flatly


Purple gradient


Known issues

Some application components have not been fully customised:

  • Action button when pressed

  • Dropdown menu background

  • Popup menu and placeholder font colour in date inputs

  • Checkbox and radio buttons


This is not part of the official Shinydashboard package and is released as a separate set of functionality. Efforts will be made to ensure compatibility with future versions of Shinydashboard but there could be delays in doing so.

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