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Encrypt your google chats and make the NSA sad

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Say hello to the NSA

gAES / hangoutAES

Your chats will look like this :

to the eyes off all, (except your contact)

gAES is a (greasemonkey) user script that encrypts/decrypts (AES) your google chats (gTalk or hangout) with one or more contacts
- Install

to encrypt/decrypt your conversations with gTalk
- Install
to encrypt/decrypt your conversations with google Hangouts (g+ and gmail if you enable it...)


Please Note that this is a research project. It's certainly not the best tool to have secure, encrypted, communcations. Have a look at OpenPGP


Both you and the contact you want to chat with have to install gAES/hangoutAES.
After installing GreaseMonkey, - If you use gTalk click here : gAES
- If you use google Hangouts click here : hangoutAES

GreaseMonkey will suggest you to install the script, do it.


Both you and the contact you want to chat with have to configure gAES/hangoutAES.
After installing gAES/hangoutAES, it's time to configure it.
Click on : the

GreaseMonkey icon
Manage User Scripts
gAES options
Edit this User Script

let's take an exemple:

Walker Evans
(on gmail) and I want to chat securely with
August Sander
(on gmail)
  • I (Walker Evans) have to configure the begining of the script like this :

    var whiteList = [{
                    user       : 'August Sander',
                    passphrase : 'abcDEF-123456-same-for-both-users'
  • And August Sander have to configure it like this :

    var whiteList = [{
                    user       : 'Walker Evans',
                    passphrase : 'abcDEF-123456-same-for-both-users'
    Save, refresh the gmail tab, et voilà !


gAES/hangoutAES encrypts your message on the fly, then decrypts all messages in the chatbox, every seconds (you can configure it).
When reading chat history gAES/hangoutAES adds a decrypt button to decrypt the encrypted conversation (yes).


GreaseMonkey, or a firefox plugin to use userscripts
Gibberish AES (Mark Percival),





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