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Xiaomi common hack for cameras (Mijia 360)

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Many files on the Mijia 360 are writable. Be very careful when you modify files on it, you might brick it forever.

xiaomi_hack project

Special thanks go to fritz-smh :

This xiaomi_hack project has been totally inspired from its own project.


This project is a collection of scripts and binary files to hack various Xiaomi cameras :

  • Mijia 360

Xiaomi Mijia 360

  • to be completed soon...

These cameras have the following default features :

  • wifi setup from a smartphone application
  • video data sent over the network on Chinese servers in the cloud to allow people to view camera data from their smartphone wherever they are
  • local video storage on a SD card
  • camera speaks Chinese

This hack intends to provide following features :

  • Telnet server
  • FTP server
  • RTSP server
  • Custom timezone
  • Custom voices

Installation on the camera

The memory card must stay in the camera ! If you remove it, the camera will start without using the hack.

Prepare the memory card

Clone this repository on a computer :

git clone

Then, format a micro SD card in fat32 (vfat) format and copy the content of the xiaomi_hack/sd/ folder at the root of your memory card.

Start the camera

  • If plugged, unplug the camera
  • Insert the memory card in the camera
  • Plug the camera
  • Follow instructions to pair with your mobile app. This is only needed the first time.

The camera will start. The led will indicate the current status :

  • yellow : camera startup
  • blue blinking : network configuration in progress (connect to wifi, set up the IP address)
  • blue : network configuration is OK. Camera is ready to use.

Use the camera

Telnet server

The telnet server runs on port 23.

Default password for root user is imi_ipc

FTP server

The FTP server runs on port 21.

No authentication is needed, you can use anonymous user.

RTSP server

The RTSP server is not yet available.

Custom timezone

You can customize timezone in the config.cfg file with the XIAOMI_HACK_TIMEZONE variable.

Custom voices

Following voices are available:

  • English
  • French


For now, it is just a proof of concept. Many work has still to be done.

How it works ?

Hack content                     Mijia 360 camera backdoor
xiaomi_hack/                   Hacks folder
  config.cfg                   Configuration file
  logs/                        Logs folder, you'll find various logs there
  mijia360/                    Mijia 360 hack
      common/                  This folder contains sounds files which doesn't require any translation
      en/                      This folder contains English voices
      fr/                      This folder contains French voices
      tcpsvd                   TCP Service Daemon ( to launch FTP Server Daemon (ftpd)
    sh/             This script is run after official              This script is run before official
    shadow.backup              Backup of original /etc/shadow, don't modify it in anyway !

Hack customization

Each camera hack can be customized from its config.cfg file.

Custom voices are still in beta stage, you may still hear Chinese voices. That's why audio logs are activated through XIAOMIHACKLANGUAGE_TRACES=YES

In this case, a log file called mijia360_audio.log will appear in xiaomi_hack/logs folder. If you hear Chinese voice, please open a bug report and provide this log file.

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