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Dashboard/Widgets functionality with AngularJS

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Further development in this project is split into separate repositories: - Dashboard Directive (core component providing dashboard/widgets functionality) - Widget Library - Demo Application


Dashboard/Widgets functionality with AngularJS (Demo application for


  • Adding/removing widgets

  • Widgets are instantiated dynamically (from corresponding directive or template)

  • Widgets drag and drop (with jQuery UI Sortable)

  • Saving widgets state to local storage

  • Fluid layout (widgets can have percentage width)

  • Any directive can be a widget (e.g. AngularUI directives)

  • Connecting widgets to real-time data (WebSocket, REST, etc.)

  • Changing widget data source dynamically (from widget options)

Online demo with real-time data

AngularJS Dashboard

AngularJS Dashboard directive is available as independent library

Running Application (minimum dependencies)

  1. Node.js way

Install express

    $ npm install express

Run Node.js server

    $ node app.js

Application will be available at http://localhost:3000.

  1. Simple web server way

Start any web server in "dist" directory, e.g. with Python

    $ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080
Application will be available at http://localhost:8080

In both cases static files (including bundled JS/CSS) will be served from "dist" directory.

Running Application (development mode)

Install dependencies:

    $ npm install

Install Bower dependencies:

    $ bower install

Run Grunt server task:

    $ grunt server

Application will be available at http://localhost:9000

Building Application

Application is built with Grunt.

    $ npm install -g grunt-cli
    $ grunt


angular-ui-dashboard AngularJS Dashboard directive.

Node.js Software platform built on JavaScript runtime

AngularJS JavaScript framework

ui-sortable AngularJS UI Sortable

jQuery UI Sortable jQuery UI Sortable plugin (reordering with drag and drop)

Bower Package manager for the web

Grunt JavaScript Task Runner

Yeoman Webapp generator

DDP Meteor Distributed Data Protocol

Meteor-DDP Meteor DDP Javascript client

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