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RHive is an R extension facilitating distributed computing via Apache Hive.

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NexR RHive 2.0

RHive is an R extension facilitating distributed computing via HIVE query. RHive allows easy usage of HQL(Hive SQL) in R, and allows easy usage of R objects and R functions in Hive.

Before installing RHive, you have to have installed Hadoop and Hive

Install Hadoop

  1. Single Node
  2. Cluster Node
  3. set HADOOP_HOME at local machine on which R runs

Install Hive

  1. install local machine and remote machine on which NameNode runs or Hive-Server runs.
  2. Installation Guide
  3. set HIVE_HOME at local machine on which R runs.
  4. launch Hive Server with following command on remote machine. it should be as a background process.
    • $HIVE_HOME/bin/hive --service hiveserver

Install R and Packages

  1. install R
    • need to install R on all tasktracker nodes
  2. install rJava
    • only install rJava on local machine.
  3. install Rserve
    • need to install Rserve on all tasktracker nodes
    • make configuration in path (/etc/Rserv.conf) on all tasktracker nodes. edit this file to add 'remote enable' to allow remote connection.
    • launch all Rserve on all tasktracker nodes.
      • e.q> R CMD Rserve
  4. setting tasktracker nodes
    • add RHOME path at $HADOOPHOME/conf/
      • e.q> export R_HOME=/usr/lib/R
  5. install RUnit

Install RHive

  1. Requirements
    • ant (in order to build java files)
  2. Installing RHive
    1. Download source code: git clone
    2. Change your working directory: cd RHive
    3. Set the environment variables HIVEHOME and HADOOPHOME: export HIVEHOME=/path/to/your/hive/directory export HADOOPHOME=/path/to/your/hadoop/directory
    4. Build java files using ant: ant build
    5. Build RHive: R CMD build RHive
    6. Install RHive: R CMD INSTALL RHive_.tar.gz

Loading RHive and connecting to Hive

  1. Set the environment variables HIVEHOME and HADOOPHOME:
    • Set the environment variables: export HIVEHOME=/path/to/your/hive/directory export HADOOPHOME=/path/to/your/hadoop/directory export HADOOPCONFDIR=/path/to/your/hadoop/conf/directory
    • Or, add environment variables into Renviron HIVEHOME=/path/to/your/hive/directory HADOOPHOME=/path/to/your/hadoop/directory HADOOPCONFDIR=/path/to/your/hadoop/conf/directory
  2. launch R
    rhive.connect(host, port, hiveServer2)



  • Java 1.6
  • R 2.13.0
  • Rserve 0.6-0
  • rJava 0.9-0
  • Hadoop 0.20.x (x >= 1)
  • Hive 0.8.x (x >= 0)

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