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Domain name permutation engine written in Go

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DNSMORPH is a domain name permutation engine, inspired by dnstwist. It is written in Go making for a compact and very fast tool. It robustly handles any domain or subdomain supplied and provides a number of configuration options to tune permutation runs.


DNSMORPH includes the following domain permutation attack types: - Homograph attack (both on single and duplicate characters) - Bitsquat attack - Hyphenation attack - Omission attack - Repetition attack - Replacement attack - Subdomain attack - Transposition attack - Vowel swap attack - Addition attack


There are two ways to install dnsmorph on your system:

  1. Downloading the pre-compiled binaries for your platform from the latest release page and extracting in a directory of your choosing.

  2. Downloading and compiling the source code yourself by running the following commands:

- ```go get -v github.com/netevert/dnsmorph```
- `cd /$GOPATH/src/github.com/netevert/dnsmorph`
- `go get -v ./...`
- `go build`

An Arch Linux package is also available.


Usage menu output

dnsmorph -d domain | -l domains_file [-girvuw] [-csv | -json]
        output to csv
  -d string
        target domain
  -g    geolocate domain
  -i    include subdomain
        output to json
  -l string
        domain list filepath
  -r    resolve domain
  -u    update check
  -v    enable verbosity
  -w    whois lookup

Run attacks against a target domain

./dnsmorph -d amazon.com


Run attacks against a list of domains

./dnsmorph -l domains.txt


Include subdomain in attack

./dnsmorph -d staging.amazon.com -i


Run dns resolutions against permutated domains

./dnsmorph -d amazon.com -r


Run geolocation against permutated domains

./dnsmorph -d amazon.com -g


Run whois lookup against permutated domains

./dnsmorph -d amazon.com -w


Output results to csv or json

./dnsmorph -d amazon.com -r -g -csv
./dnsmorph -d amazon.com -r -g -json


Activate verbose output

./dnsmorph -d staging.amazon.com -v



Distributed under the terms of the MIT license, DNSMORPH is free and open source software written and maintained with ❤ by NetEvert.


This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

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