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Basic auto pairs extension of coc.nvim

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Auto pair extension for coc.nvim.

Note you can use other vim auto pairs plugins with coc.nvim, it's a simplified implementation to make auto pairs work like in VSCode.


have renamed to

For enhanced

 experience, checkout 
:h coc#on_enter()


  • You should disable/remove other auto pair plugins for this extension work as expected.
  • When you type a paired character which is just the next character, it would just move to the right by one column.
  • When the previous content ends with two inserting characters, the characters would just be inserted without inserting the paired character. This makes inserting triple quotes easier.
  • '
    only pairs when the character before is not a word character.
  • for
    to insert paired
    , the previous character should not be an empty space.


In vim/neovim, run this command:

:CocInstall coc-pairs


  • Insert pair characters automatically.
  • Buffer local pairs, ex:
    autocmd FileType tex let b:coc_pairs = [["$", "$"]]


  • pairs.disableLanguages
    , list of language ids to disable this extension, default:
  • pairs.enableCharacters
    , list of enabled characters, default:
    ["(", "[", "{", ".
  • pairs.enableBackspace
    , enable imap for backspace to remove paired characters, default:
    , won't work when
     is already mapped.

To disable characters for a specified filetypes, you can use

, ex:
autocmd FileType markdown let b:coc_pairs_disabled = ['`']



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