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µnit is a small testing framework for C

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µnit is a small but full-featured unit testing framework for C. It has no dependencies (beyond libc), is permissively licensed (MIT), and is easy to include into any project.

For more information, see the µnit web site.

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Features µnit currently includes include:

  • Handy assertion macros which make for nice error messages.
  • Reproducible cross-platform random number generation, including support for supplying a seed via CLI.
  • Timing of both wall-clock and CPU time.
  • Parameterized tests.
  • Nested test suites.
  • Flexible CLI.
  • Forking (except on Windows).
  • Hiding output of successful tests.

Features µnit does not currently include, but some day may include (a.k.a., if you file a PR…), include:

Include into your project with meson

In your

folder put a
file containing:

Then you can use a subproject fallback when you include munit as a dependency to your project:

dependency('munit', fallback: ['munit', 'munit_dep'])


See the µnit web site.

Additionally, there is a heavily-commented example.c in the repository.

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