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Lightweight open source FBX importer

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Lightweight open source FBX importer. Used in Lumix Engine and Flax Engine. It's an almost full-featured importer. It can load geometry (with uvs, normals, tangents, colors), skeletons, animations, blend shapes, materials and textures.

Feel free to request new features. I will eventually try (or not) to add all missing fbx features.

Use the library in your own project

Note: It's recommended to be familiar with fbx format to use this library, you can read about it more here.

  1. add files from src to your project
  2. use

See demo as an example how to use the library. See Lumix Engine as more advanced use case.

Compile demo project

  1. download source code
  2. execute projects/genie_vs19.bat
  3. open projects/tmp/vs2019/OpenFBX.sln in Visual Studio 2019
  4. compile and run

Demo is windows only. Library is multiplatform.


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