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The Core Flight System (cFS) Core Flight Executive (cFE)

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Core Flight System : Framework : Core Flight Executive

This repository contains NASA's Core Flight Executive (cFE), which is a framework component of the Core Flight System.

This is a collection of services and associated framework to be located in the

subdirectory of a cFS Mission Tree. The Core Flight System is bundled at, which includes build and execution instructions.

The detailed cFE user's guide can be viewed at

Version History

Development Build: 6.8.0-rc1+dev65

  • In the next major CFE release, this code will be no longer supported at all. It should be removed early in the cycle to avoid needing to maintain this compatibility code.
  • The CFEESFindCDSInRegistry function had an unusual loop control structure with mixed types of signed and unsigned. This has the possibility of being infinite if the MaxNumRegEntries is zero due to the way the end condition is structured. Simplify to be like other loops and use unsigned int control variable.
  • Fixes the cast-align error (use the aligned Msg since it's available already).
  • HOTFIX-20200902 - Fix sb unit test setup issue.
  • HOTFIX 20200902 - Update documentation links for deprecated symbols.
  • HOTFIX 20200902 - Fix SB TestCleanupAppAPI AppID.
  • See

Development Build: 6.8.0-rc1+dev42

  • Removes reference from documentation.
  • CFESBSendMsg stub now behaves the same as CFESBTimeStampMsg (copies message pointer from local). No longer need to emulate CFESBInitMsg from test code, set the API/stub data buffers directly.
  • Removed iterator modification from within the loop... replaced with break.
  • Resolves loop iterator size too small for comparison.
  • Replaced CFEMISSIONSPACECRAFTID use with CFEPSP_GetSpacecraftId() and updated unit test
  • See

Development Build: 6.8.0-rc1+dev28

  • Add msg stubs, update SB_UT to use them, and remove msg module include from unit tests
  • Collapses time options down to just 32 bit second, 16 bit subsecond, always big endian. Removes old defines, and triggers an error if the configuration is set to a format that was removed.
  • Enables source selection and out-of-tree mission-defined overrides in the msg directory
  • Unit tests added from within unit tests will not execute, replaced this pattern with direct calls to the main subtest setup routine.
  • See

Development Build: 6.8.0-rc1+dev13

  • Deprecates
    API by introducing new
  • Documentation update remove deleted requiremements
  • Add a new cfe_assert module for functional testing by making it possible to load the UT assert object code as a CFE library. These are compiled as separate, independent modules and only loaded on demand. Also includes a draft example for cFE testing, which calls some basic ES AppId functions.
  • See

Development Build: 6.7.0+dev292

  • Add missing include path to the target/h and wrn/coreip directory. Set and clarify difference between WINDHOME and WINDBASE variables. Remove unrelated comment about CEXP (remnant from RTEMS). No more errors about missing headers.
  • Version reporting is does not span multiple lines.
  • See

Development Build: 6.7.0+dev289

  • Update
    to save the message pointer argument
    so that unit tests can check it
  • Only affects build system. Fully backward compatible. The defaults are applied if a user has nothing specifically configured in their
    . The defaults will select osal, cfe-core, and psp as before. The user now has the option to explicitly configure and control the inclusion of these modules and also provide mission-specific search paths to override them as desired.
  • Note this only affects UT stubs. Change the internal names of some stub arguments to match prototype. Ensure that:
    • All functions in the CFE public API have a stub function implemented
    • All parameters to the stub function are registered in the context object, so the values will be available to hook functions.
    • The names of all parameters match the prototype/documentation, so hook functions that use name-based argument value retrieval will work.
  • Adds to table search path in
  • Calls to OS_open() now use the OSAL-defined symbol, not the POSIX symbol.
  • Defines new macros to report the build number and build baseline and new strings containing the version number of cFE and a combined string with the version number for OSAL, PSP, and CFE.
  • Allow explicitly setting of the processor ID in
    . The
    setting will be passed to the final build/link of CFE core as the CPU ID. If unspecified, then the CMake index value is used instead (backward compatible).
  • cmake
    now detects conditions where no files were present to fulfill an config include file requirement and reports an error during
    make prep
    lists the files it checked for rather than generating an empty file.
  • See

Development Build: 6.7.21

  • If a string is exactly the size of the field when using the
    macro it will produce a compiler error
  • Added cFE User's Guide Reference to
  • Removes old license
  • See

Development Build: 6.7.20

Development Build: 6.7.19

  • API Change: cFE utsbstubs now has CFESBDeletePipe available. Behavior Change: App unit tests requiring this will not fail to build due to undefined reference to CFESBDeletePipe
  • Hook functions may now use the valist form and obtain the full set of variable arguments passed to CFEEVS_SendEvent and variants.
  • Replace all direct references to data types defined in ccsds.h with the abstract type defined in cfe_sb.h.
  • See for details.

Development Build: 6.7.18

  • Using ut stubs CFEEVSSendEvent and CFEESWriteToSysLog, the register buffer will have the correct size. access to register buffer element will exist
  • Both the main task and the child task(s) are successfully deleted and restarted after the exception occurs.
  • Fixes doxygen warnings for the tbl subsystem.
  • No compiler warnings or errors on cross build.
  • Changes Message Key from uint16 to uint32 to avoid rollover and system hang
  • See for more details

Development Build: 6.7.17

  • No longer automatically decompresses apps/libraries as part of load
  • Deletes now unused CFEESCountObjectCallback and CFEESListResourcesDebug. Flags were unused
  • Removes all conditional preprocessing blocks related to CFE_ARINC653.
  • Ensure clean build, no warnings on string operations using GCC 9.3.0.
  • When OMIT_DEPRECATED = true attempt to send output to shell command will result in command error counter increment (unrecognized function code)
  • SBN will need to init command with new MID
  • Documentation links and references will now work properly
  • API CFEESProcessCoreException is removed, replaced with async event.
  • Removed duplicate prototype in cfetimeutils.h
  • Removes unused defines and adds documentation to TBL event defines.
  • Deprecates CFETIMECFE2FSSeconds and CFETIMEFS2CFESeconds.
  • Unit tests now build and run when MESSAGEFORMATISCCSDSVER_2 is configured.
  • Build now works with both extended headers and OMIT_DEPRECATED options set.
  • No more alignment warnings
  • Adds new unit test macros
  • See for more details

Development Build: 6.7.16

Development Build: 6.7.15

  • Upon power on reset, default system log mode set to overwrite. Upon processor reset, default system log mode set to discard.
  • No longer locks while locked (no issue observed on linux/posix, but user reported issue on FreeRTOS 10)
  • Internal
    API changed slightly to add AppName as a parameter. Return value from
    no longer relevant for event generation.
  • Updates
    such that it now checks the 'used flag' prior to calling
    for a given TblHandle. Also sets the AppId to
    after removing the access descriptor link from linked list.
  • Removed
  • See for more details

Development Build: 6.7.14

  • Exposes the
    for application usage.
  • CFE_SB_GetLastSenderID
    will now detect if it is being called prior to a message being sent on a given pipe.
  • Mismatches between PSP/BSP/OS are now detected and warned about during make prep. Only the
    is actually required to be specified for a CFE build now. Others can be omitted.
  • See for more details

Development Build: 6.7.13

  • RTEMS builds without error.
  • Use the INTERFACECOMPILEDEFINITIONS and INTERFACEINCLUDEDIRECTORIES properties from the osal target and apply them to the entire CFE build as a directory-scope property. No impact until these are set in OSAL.
  • Minor other updates (see

Development Build: 6.7.12

  • Cmd code (and checksum) are always in the same place (matches GSFC spec for command secondary header)
  • No impact to behavior. Previously the perf log dump file frequently contained errors due to out of order or otherwise corrupted entries, which is now fixed.
  • Minor other updates (see

Development Build: 6.7.11

Development Build: 6.7.10

Development Build: 6.7.9

Development Build: 6.7.8

  • Updates and cleaned up documentation and requirements
  • Fixes incorrect debug messages
  • Decrease child task count when one is deleted
  • Minor other updates (see

Development Build: 6.7.7

  • Adds a new function, CFESBGetPipeIdByName, which retrieves the pipe ID given a name of a pipe.
  • Improvement in error reporting when using a pipe name that is already in use, or when the queue limit has been reached.
  • Added userguide and osalguide to the local target list to avoid makefile warning
  • Minor other updates (see

Development Build: 6.7.6

  • Adds OMIT_DEPRECATED prep flag
  • Adds and enforces strict warnings
  • Software Bus now increments sequence counter even if there are no subscribers
  • Warning, comment, and code coverage cleanup (see

Development Build: 6.7.5

Development Build: 6.7.4

Development Build: 6.7.3

Development Build: 6.7.2

Development Build: 6.7.1

OFFICIAL RELEASE: 6.7.0 - Aquila

  • This is a point release from an internal repository
  • Changes are detailed in cFS repo release documentation
  • Apache 2.0


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