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nasa/api-docs repository contains the front-end for This site is currently CNAME mapped to NASA domain, but in the event the page is down, you can access it through Github Pages here: .

This is the current iteration of

This project contains API listings of available NASA public APIs and well as a GSA API key form to allow NASA branded API pages to be integrated with the GSA system. Our listing is currently incomplete as we are currently displaying the more simple API's in our .json storage system.

For other US government agency API pages, see


  • Obtain an API key by filling out the form in the Generate API Key Section
  • Information about the usage capabilities of your API in the Authentication Section
  • A list of a few NASA publics API's and how to use them in the Browse APIs Section

Libraries and Software utilizes the following libraries and resourses:

  • NASA Web Design Service(CSS and JS): A style system created in order to help NASA websites have a more unified look. You can find their info here
  • JQuery (JS): A library that simplifies the javascript coding process

The API information that our site hosts is currently archived in our apis.json folder which is then read and generated into the page dynamically.

NOTICE: NASA does not host/develop these APIs

We only map the orginal developer's endpoint to one of our endpoints. Basically, acts as a passthrough service. Please do not contact us with technical questions about a particular API as we do not have access to most API production environments. You can follow links on our site to get more information about each API and use the contact information on those pages to reach the people who control each API.

If you are a NASA civil servant or contractor and wish to add an API to, please contact [email protected].

Site Developer: Jenna Horn

NASA Official: Brian Thomas

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