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Examples of using GIBS with various web mapping libraries

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This project shows how to use GIBS as a tile source for OpenLayers, Leaflet, Cesium, Mapbox GL, Bing, and Google Maps

Live Examples


Clone the repository, then:

npm install
npm start

Navigate your browser to http://localhost:3001.

Most examples show a single layer. Visit the GIBS Available Imagery Products for parameters needed to display other layers.

The WMTS standard does not provide a way to select a specific time or date for a layer. GIBS has implemented this feature in the following way:

  • WMTS KVP: Use the
    parameter to select a day in
  • WMTS REST: Add the day in
    format between style name and the tile matrix set name

See the "Rolling Seven Day Slider" examples for more information.

The Web Mercator endpoints return a blank map at zoom level zero due to a bug in the tiling software. This issue will be fixed sometime in the future.

Some of the mapping libraries will attempt to fetch tiles outside the boundaries of the tile matrix. GIBS returns error codes when these tile requests are made.

Worldview is a web application that uses GIBS as its primary image source.


These examples use OpenLayers version 6.4.3.

If geometry transformations are required using coordinates in the polar systems, proj4js, version 2, must be included. This example uses proj4js version 2.4.3. This is not required to simply display the map.

Mapbox Vector Tile (MVT) Examples

Mapbox Vector Tiles are available for some of the GIBS vector datasets. These Openlayers examples show how to style vector tiles using Openlayers styling classes, how to style vector tiles with the Mapbox Styles that are provided by GIBS in the getCapabilities, and how to visualize feature data through map interactions.


This example uses Leaflet version 1.3.3.

To properly support the polar projections, the Proj4Leaflet plugin must be used. This example uses Proj4Leaflet version 1.0.1.

Gaps can sometimes be seen between the map tiles. Use the workaround found here:


This example uses Cesium version 1.47.

Use this GeographicTilingScheme when accessing the EPSG:4326 GIBS endpoint.

Mapbox GL

This example uses Mapbox GL version 0.47.


This example uses the Bing Maps Control, version 8.

Google Maps

This example uses the Google Maps API, version 3.


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