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Small, lightweight, api-driven dns server.

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Small, clusterable, lightweight, api-driven dns server.


# Start shaman with defaults (requires admin privileges (port 53))
shaman -s

register a new domain

shaman add -d -A

perform dns lookup

OR nslookup -port=53

dig @localhost +short



As a CLI

Simply run


shaman -h
will show usage and a list of commands:
shaman - api driven dns server

Usage: shaman [flags] shaman [command]

Available Commands: add Add a domain to shaman delete Remove a domain from shaman list List all domains in shaman get Get records for a domain update Update records for a domain reset Reset all domains in shaman

Flags: -C, --api-crt string Path to SSL crt for API access -a, --api-domain string Domain of generated cert (if none passed) (default "") -k, --api-key string Path to SSL key for API access -p, --api-key-password string Password for SSL key -H, --api-listen string Listen address for the API (ip:port) (default "") -c, --config-file string Configuration file to load -O, --dns-listen string Listen address for DNS requests (ip:port) (default "") -d, --domain string Parent domain for requests (default ".") -f, --fallback-dns Fallback dns server address (ip:port), if not specified fallback is not used -i, --insecure Disable tls key checking (client) and listen on http (api). Also disables auth-token -2, --l2-connect string Connection string for the l2 cache (default "scribble:///var/db/shaman") -l, --log-level string Log level to output [fatal|error|info|debug|trace] (default "INFO") -s, --server Run in server mode -t, --token string Token for API Access (default "secret") -T, --ttl int Default TTL for DNS records (default 60) -v, --version Print version info and exit

Use "shaman [command] --help" for more information about a command.

For usage examples, see api and/or cli readme

As a Server

To start shaman as a server run:

shaman --server

An optional config file can also be passed on startup:
shaman -c config.json


 "api-domain": "",
 "api-crt": "",
 "api-key": "",
 "api-key-password": "",
 "api-listen": "",
 "token": "secret",
 "insecure": false,
 "l2-connect": "scribble:///var/db/shaman",
 "ttl": 60,
 "domain": ".",
 "dns-listen": "",
 "log-level": "info",
 "server": true

L2 connection strings

Scribble Cacher

The connection string looks like



| Route | Description | Payload | Output | | --- | --- | --- | --- | | POST /records | Adds the domain and full record | json domain object | json domain object | | PUT /records | Update all domains and records (replaces all) | json array of domain objects | json array of domain objects | | GET /records | Returns a list of domains we have records for | nil | string array of domains | | PUT /records/{domain} | Update domain's records (replaces all) | json domain object | json domain object | | GET /records/{domain} | Returns the records for that domain | nil | json domain object | | DELETE /records/{domain} | Delete a domain | nil | success message |

note: The API requires a token to be passed for authentication by default and is configurable at server start (

). The token is passed in as a custom header:

For examples, see the api's readme


+------------+     +----------+     +-----------------+
|            +----->          +----->                 |
| API Server |     |          |     |   Short-Term    |
|                      +----->                 |
| DNS Server |     |          |     | Long-Term (L2)  |

Data types:

Domain (Resource):


  "domain": "",
  "records": [
      "ttl": 60,
      "class": "IN",
      "type": "A",
      "address": ""
      "ttl": 60,
      "class": "IN",
      "type": "A",
      "address": ""

Fields: - domain: Domain name to resolve - records: Array of address records - ttl: Seconds a client should cache for - class: Record class - type: Record type - A - Address record - CNAME - Canonical name record - MX - Mail exchange record - Many more - may or may not work as is - address: Address domain resolves to - note: Special rules apply in some cases. E.g. MX records require a number "10"



  "err": "exit status 2: unexpected argument"

Fields: - err: Error message



  "msg": "Success"

Fields: - msg: Success message


  • atomic local cache updates
  • export in hosts file format
  • improve scribble add (adding before stored in cache overwrites)


  • v0.0.2 (May 11, 2016)
    • Refactor to allow multiple records per domain and more fully utilize dns library
  • v0.0.3 (May 12, 2016)
    • Tests for DNS server
    • Start Server Insecure
  • v0.0.4 (Aug 16, 2016)
    • Postgresql as a backend


Contributions to shaman are welcome and encouraged. Shaman is a Nanobox project and contributions should follow the Nanobox Contribution Process & Guidelines.

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