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Firebird RDBMS sql driver for Go (golang)

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firebirdsql (Go firebird sql driver)

Firebird RDBMS SQL driver for Go

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  • Firebird 2.5 or higher
  • Golang 1.7 or higher

Modules get (go version < 1.11)


$ go get $ go get $ go get $ go get $ go get $ go get



package main

import ( "fmt" "database/sql" _ "" )

func main() { var n int conn, _ := sql.Open("firebirdsql", "user:[email protected]/foo/bar.fdb") defer conn.Close() conn.QueryRow("SELECT Count(*) FROM rdb$relations").Scan(&n) fmt.Println("Relations count=", n)


See also driver_test.go


package main

  import (


func main() { dsn := "user:[email protected]/foo/bar.fdb" events := []string{"myevent", "ordercreated"} fbEvent, _ := firebirdsql.NewFBEvent(dsn) defer fbEvent.Close() sbr, _ := fbEvent.Subscribe(events, func(event firebirdsql.Event) { //or use SubscribeChan fmt.Printf("event: %s, count: %d, id: %d, remote id:%d \n", event.Name, event.Count, event.ID, event.RemoteID) }) defer sbr.Unsubscribe() go func() { fbEvent.PostEvent(events[0]) fbEvent.PostEvent(events[1]) }() <- make(chan struct{}) //wait }

See also _example

Connection string


user:[email protected][:portnumber]/databasenameorfile[?params1=value1[&param2=value2]...]


  • user: login user
  • password: login password
  • servername: Firebird server's host name or IP address.
  • port_number: Port number. default value is 3050.
  • databasenameor_file: Database path (or alias name).


param1, param2... are

.. csv-table:: :header: Name,Description,Default,Note

authpluginname,Authentication plugin name.,Srp,Srp256/Srp/LegacyAuth are available. columnnametolower,Force column name to lower,false,For "" role,Role name, tzname, Time Zone name, For Firebird 4.0+ wire_crypt,Enable wire data encryption or not.,true,For Firebird 3.0+ charset, Firebird Charecter Set,

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