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A decompilation of Goldeneye 007 brought to you by a bunch of clever folks. (MIRROR of

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This is a working Goldeneye 007 decompilation!

NTSC-Status JP-Status

This repo builds a matching USA. JPN or (currently broken PAL ROM).

This repo does not include all assets necessary for compiling the ROMs. A prior copy of the game is required to extract the assets.


The only requirements for Ubuntu 16.04+ should be

sudo apt install binutils-mips-linux-gnu make

If you don't have host development tools already installed then you will also need

sudo apt install build-essential

Additionally qemu-irix is needed

Install the package after download:

sudo dpkg -i qemu-irix-2.11.0-2169-g32ab296eef_amd64.deb

Make sure you cloned the repo with git otherwise it won't build!!

Place an unmodified USA rom in project root named

followed by
./ && make
or ```bash ./ /pathto/rom.n64 && make

Example (Rom located on EverDrive):

./ /mnt/e/Goldeneye.n64 && make
For J support also place a baserom.j.z64 in root and run:
./ && ./ && make VERSION=JP

If you are upgrading from an old repo, run:

./ && ./ && make clean && make

The extract and clean scripts support switches:

bash files images
to do just one or the other, default is both

Build the ROM

Run make to build the ROM (defaults to VERSION=us). Other examples:

make VERSION=jp -j4       # build (J) version instead with 4 jobs
make VERSION=eu COMPARE=0 # build (EU) version but do not compare ROM hashes

Resulting artifacts can be found in the build directory.

The full list of configurable variables are listed below, with the default being the first listed:

VERSION: us, jp, eu

Project Structure

|-- Workflows: GitHub use only
├── assets: game assets
│   ├── font: font data
│   ├── images: image data
│   │   └── split: split image data
│   ├── music: music data
│   ├── obseg: animation data
│   │   ├── bg: bg data
│   │   ├── brief: briefing data
│   │   ├── chr: c model data
│   │   ├── gun: g model data
│   │   ├── prop: p model data
│   │   ├── setup: setup data
│   │   ├── stan: stan data
│   │   └── text: text data
│   └── ramrom: demo data
├── bin: files that haven't been touched
├── build: output directory
├── include: header files
├── rsp: Custom GBI code (Assembly) (C0 and 4Tri)
├── src: C source code for game
│   ├── game: core ge specific code 0x7f000000 range
│   ├── libultra: currently used libultra.s
│   └── inflate: statically linked initial decompression code
└── tools: build tools

Documentation has been moved to

Style Guide is

This decompilation was only made possible thanks to many awesome 00 Agents who will be revealed only if they wish.

GE and PD documentation made by Zoinkity

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