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Source code for AAAI 2020 paper "Channel Attention Is All You Need for Video Frame Interpolation"

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Channel Attention Is All You Need for Video Frame Interpolation

Myungsub Choi, Heewon Kim, Bohyung Han, Ning Xu, Kyoung Mu Lee

2nd place in [AIM 2019 ICCV Workshop] - Video Temporal Super-Resolution Challenge

Project | Paper-AAAI (Download the paper [here] in case the AAAI link is broken) | Poster


Directory Structure

| - main script to train CAIN model
| - script to train CAIN_NoCA model
| - script to run interpolation on custom dataset
| - script to evaluate on SNU-FILM benchmark
| - main file to run train/val
| - check & change training/testing configurations here
| - defines different loss functions
| - misc.
│   │
│   │ - main model
|   | - model without channel attention
|   | - model with additional encoder-decoder
└───data - implements dataloaders for each dataset
│   | - main training / testing dataset
|   | - custom data for testing
│   └───symbolic links to each dataset
|       | ...


Current version is tested on:

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Python==3.7.5
  • numpy==1.17
  • PyTorch==1.3.1, torchvision==0.4.2, cudatoolkit==10.1
  • tensorboard==2.0.0 (If you want training logs)
  • opencv==3.4.2
  • tqdm==4.39.0
# Easy installation (using Anaconda environment)
conda create -n cain
conda activate cain
conda install python=3.7
conda install pip numpy
conda install pytorch torchvision cudatoolkit=10.1 -c pytorch
conda install tqdm opencv tensorboard


Dataset Preparation

  • We use Vimeo90K Triplet dataset for training + testing.
    • After downloading the full dataset, make symbolic links in
      folder :
    • ln -s /path/to/vimeo_triplet_data/ ./data/vimeo_triplet
    • Then you're done!
  • For more thorough evaluation, we built SNU-FILM (SNU Frame Interpolation with Large Motion) benchmark.
    • Download links can be found in the project page.
    • Also make symbolic links after download :
    • ln -s /path/to/SNU-FILM_data/ ./data/SNU-FILM
    • Done!


Training / Testing with Vimeo90K dataset

  • First make symbolic links in
    folder :
    ln -s /path/to/vimeo_triplet_data/ ./data/vimeo_triplet
  • For training:
    CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES=0 python --exp_name EXPNAME --batch_size 16 --test_batch_size 16 --dataset vimeo90k --model cain --loss 1*L1 --max_epoch 200 --lr 0.0002
  • Or, just run
  • For testing performance on Vimeo90K dataset, just add
    --mode test
  • For testing on SNU-FILM dataset, run
    • Testing mode (choose from ['easy', 'medium', 'hard', 'extreme']) can be modified by changing
      option in

Interpolating with custom video

  • Download pretrained models from [Here]
  • Prepare frame sequences in
  • run





If you find this code useful for your research, please consider citing the following paper:

    author = {Choi, Myungsub and Kim, Heewon and Han, Bohyung and Xu, Ning and Lee, Kyoung Mu},
    title = {Channel Attention Is All You Need for Video Frame Interpolation},
    booktitle = {AAAI},
    year = {2020}


Many parts of this code is adapted from:

We thank the authors for sharing codes for their great works.

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