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A handy tool for doing efficient in-memory commit rebases & fixups

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git revise

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git revise
is a
subcommand to efficiently update, split, and rearrange commits. It is heavily inspired by
git rebase
, however it tries to be more efficient and ergonomic for patch-stack oriented workflows.

By default,

git revise
will apply staged changes to a target commit, then update
to point at the revised history. It also supports splitting commits and rewording commit messages.


git rebase
git revise
avoids modifying the working directory or the index state, performing all merges in-memory and only writing them when necessary. This allows it to be significantly faster on large codebases and avoids unnecessarily invalidating builds.


$ pip install --user git-revise

Various people have also packaged

git revise
for platform-specific package managers (Thanks!)

macOS Homebrew

$ brew install git-revise


$ dnf install git-revise


Documentation, including usage and examples, is hosted on Read the Docs.

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