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Python wrapper for LanguageTool grammar checker

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Python wrapper for LanguageTool.

.. image:: :target: :alt: Build status

This is a fork of that produces more easily parsable results from the command-line.

Example usage

From the interpreter:

import languagecheck tool = languagecheck.LanguageTool('en-US') text = u'A sentence with a error in the Hitchhiker’s Guide tot he Galaxy' matches = tool.check(text) len(matches) 2

Check out some

object attributes:

matches[0].fromy, matches[0].fromx (0, 16) matches[0].ruleId, matches[0].replacements ('ENAVSAN', ['an']) matches[1].fromy, matches[1].fromx (0, 50) matches[1].ruleId, matches[1].replacements ('TOTHE', ['to the'])

Print a


print(matches[1]) Line 1, column 51, Rule ID: TOT_HE[1] Message: Did you mean 'to the'? Suggestion: to the ...

Automatically apply suggestions to the text:

language_check.correct(text, matches) 'A sentence with an error in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy'

From the command line::

$ echo 'This are bad.' > example.txt

$ language-check example.txt example.txt:1:1: THIS_NNS[3]: Did you mean 'these'?


To install via pip::

$ pip install --upgrade language-check

If you are using Python 2, you'll need to install 3to2 beforehand::

$ pip install --upgrade 3to2

To overwrite the host part of URL that is used to download LanguageTool-{version}.zip::



  • Python 3.3+ 
    _ (or 2.7)
  • lib3to2 
    _ (if installing for Python 2)
  • LanguageTool 
    _ (Java 6.0+)

The installation process should take care of downloading LanguageTool (it may take a few minutes). Otherwise, you can manually download
_ and unzip it into where the
package resides.

Vim plugin

To use language-check in Vim, install Syntastic_ and use the following settings:

.. code-block:: vim

let g:syntastic_text_checkers = ['language_check']
let g:syntastic_text_language_check_args = '--language=en-US'

Customize your language as appropriate.

.. _Syntastic:

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