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====== Project website: ====== Forum: ====== Want to try now?[Demo server] Authentication: demo/demo

== About is an IoT automation controller for home, office or any place. Primarly this project was started to support[MySensors]. Later it was expanded to support other networks also. was designed to run with limited resources. For instance, it can run on the first generation Raspberry Pi.

== Localization supports multiple languages. If you are interested in providing a translation for your native language, send a request via[Transifex locale project]

== System Requirements is a very lightweight server. Its resource requirements are modest:

  • Disk : ~100 MB (may require more space, when we store metrics data for long time)
  • Memory(RAM) : 256 MB
  • Java : 1.8 or later

===== Supported Platforms (tested) is a Java-based application server. It can run on any platform where Java support is available.

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Orange PI
  • Raspberry PI (Oracle Java recommended)

== MyController and MySensors Setup

image::extra/images/MyController-MySensors-RF.png[MyController and MySensors setup.]

== Installation

====== Download(executable bundle),

  • Visit[downloads page]

====== Configuration

Extract the downloaded bundle in the directory where you want it to run. The configuration files are located in



Temporary files

mcc.tmp.location=tmp/ # <1>

<1> You can change the default location and file name. This directory is used as a temporary location for operations such as backup, restore, etc.

Database Configuration

mcc.db.h2db.location=../conf/mycontroller # <1>

<1> You can change the default location and file name. The database file will be stored with the extension

. Do not add file extension to this property.

Web server configuration

mcc.web.bind.address= # <1> mcc.web.enable.https=true # <2> mcc.web.http.port=8443 # <3> mcc.web.file.location=../www/ # <4> mcc.web.ssl.keystore.file=../conf/keystore.jks # <5> mcc.web.ssl.keystore.password=mycontroller # <5>

mcc.web.ssl.keystore.type=JKS # <5>

<1> Bind interface address. means it will bind to all available interfaces. <2> Enable/disable https. Only one protocol is supported at a time. true -

, false -
. <3> Port number of
to access server. <4> Web files location, no need to touch this one. <5> If
is enabled these fields are mandatory.

Default URL:


NOTE: Default username/password:


Important: Change default

protocol is recommended

MQTT broker configuration # <1> # <2> # <3> # <4> # <5>

<1> Enable/disable builtin MQTT broker. By default it is enabled.

- enabled,
- disabled <2> Bind interface address for the MQTT broker. By default it will bind to all available interfaces. <3> MQTT broker port <4> Websoicket port <5> Internal use. no need to touch this one.

Logger configuration

Configuration File Name:


Default log file location:


====== Start/Stop Server Executable scripts are located in

  • Linux

    • Start :
    • Stop :
  • Windows

    • Start : Double click on
    • Stop :
  • Other Platforms

java -Xms8m -Xmx256m -Dlogback.configurationFile=../conf/logback.xml -Dmc.conf.file=../conf/ -cp "../lib/*" org.mycontroller.standalone.StartApp

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