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A small class to interface with the NFC reader Module MFRC522

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A small class to interface with the NFC reader Module MFRC522 on the Raspberry Pi. This is a Python port of the example code for the NFC module MF522-AN.

Important notice: This library has not being actively updated in almost four years. It might not work as intended on more recent Raspberry Pi devices. You might want to take a look to the open pull-requests and forks to see other implementations and bug-fixes.


This code requires you to have SPI-Py installed from the following repository:


This repository includes a couple of examples showing how to read, write, and dump data from a chip. They are thoroughly commented, and should be easy to understand.


You can use this image for reference.

| Name | Pin # | Pin name | |:------:|:-------:|:------------:| | SDA | 24 | GPIO8 | | SCK | 23 | GPIO11 | | MOSI | 19 | GPIO10 | | MISO | 21 | GPIO9 | | IRQ | None | None | | GND | Any | Any Ground | | RST | 22 | GPIO25 | | 3.3V | 1 | 3V3 |


Import the class by importing MFRC522 in the top of your script. For more info see the examples.


This code and examples are licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License 3.0.

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