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Automatically update open source macOS apps from GitHub releases.

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A simple app-updater for macOS, checks your GitHub releases for a binary asset once a day and silently updates your app.


  • We make no allowances for ensuring your app is not being actively used by the user at the time of update. PR welcome.
  • Assets must be named:
  • Will not work if App is installed as a root user.


  • Full semantic versioning support: we understand alpha/beta etc.
  • We check the code-sign identity of the download matches the app that is running before doing the update. Thus if you don’t code-sign I’m not sure what would happen.
  • We support zip files or tarballs.

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Hey there, I’m Max Howell. I’m a prolific producer of open source software and probably you already use some of it (for example, I created

). I work full-time on open source and it’s hard; currently I earn less than minimum wage. Please help me continue my work, I appreciate it 🙏🏻

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package.dependencies.append(.package(url: "", from: "1.0.0"))


import AppUpdater

@NSApplicationMain class AppDelegate: NSObject, NSApplicationDelegate {

let updater = AppUpdater(owner: "your-github-username", repo: "your-github-repo-name")

//NOTE this is optional, the `AppUpdater` object schedules a daily update check itself    
@IBAction func userRequestedAnExplicitUpdateCheck() {
    updater.check().catch(policy: .allErrors) { error in
        if error.isCancelled {
            // promise is cancelled if we are already up-to-date
        } else {
            // show alert for this error



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