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gRPC proxy is a Go reverse proxy that allows for rich routing of gRPC calls with minimum overhead.

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gRPC Proxy

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gRPC Go Proxy server

Project Goal

Build a transparent reverse proxy for gRPC targets that will make it easy to expose gRPC services over the internet. This includes: * no needed knowledge of the semantics of requests exchanged in the call (independent rollouts) * easy, declarative definition of backends and their mappings to frontends * simple round-robin load balancing of inbound requests from a single connection to multiple backends

The project now exists as a proof of concept, with the key piece being the

package that is a generic gRPC reverse proxy handler.

Proxy Handler

The package

contains a generic gRPC reverse proxy handler that allows a gRPC server to not know about registered handlers or their data types. Please consult the docs, here's an exaple usage.

Defining a

that decides where (if at all) to send the request
director = func(ctx context.Context, fullMethodName string) (*grpc.ClientConn, error) {
    // Make sure we never forward internal services.
    if strings.HasPrefix(fullMethodName, "/com.example.internal.") {
        return nil, grpc.Errorf(codes.Unimplemented, "Unknown method")
    md, ok := metadata.FromContext(ctx)
    if ok {
        // Decide on which backend to dial
        if val, exists := md[":authority"]; exists && val[0] == "" {
            // Make sure we use DialContext so the dialing can be cancelled/time out together with the context.
            return grpc.DialContext(ctx, "api-service.staging.svc.local", grpc.WithCodec(proxy.Codec()))
        } else if val, exists := md[":authority"]; exists && val[0] == "" {
            return grpc.DialContext(ctx, "", grpc.WithCodec(proxy.Codec()))
    return nil, grpc.Errorf(codes.Unimplemented, "Unknown method")
Then you need to register it with a
. The server may have other handlers that will be served locally:
server := grpc.NewServer(
pb_test.RegisterTestServiceServer(server, &testImpl{})


is released under the Apache 2.0 license. See LICENSE.txt.

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