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F-Droid desktop client

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F-Droid desktop client. Requires Go 1.14 or later.

go get

While the Android client integrates with the system with regular update checks and notifications, this is a simple command line client that talks to connected devices via ADB.


Download the index:

fdroidcl update

Show all available apps:

fdroidcl search

Install an app:

fdroidcl install org.adaway

Show all available updates, and install them:

fdroidcl search -u
fdroidcl install -u

Unofficial packages are available on: Debian and Ubuntu.


update                Update the index
search []  Search available apps
show        Show detailed info about an app
install []  Install or upgrade apps
uninstall   Uninstall an app
download    Download an app
devices               List connected devices
list (categories)     List all known values of a kind
defaults              Reset to the default settings
version               Print version information

An appid is just an app's unique package name. A specific version of an app can be selected by following the appid with a colon and the version code. The 'search' and 'show' commands can be used to find these strings. For example:

$ fdroidcl search redreader
$ fdroidcl show org.quantumbadger.redreader
$ fdroidcl install org.quantumbadger.redreader:85


You can configure what repositories to use in the

file. On Linux, you will likely find it at

You can run

fdroidcl defaults
to create the config with the default settings.

Advantages over the Android client

  • Command line interface
  • Batch install/update/remove apps without root nor system privileges
  • No need to install a client on the device

What it will never do

  • Run as a daemon, e.g. periodic index updates
  • Act as an F-Droid server
  • Swap apps with devices


  • Index verification relies on HTTPS (not the JAR signature)
  • The tool can only interact with one device at a time
  • Hardware compatibility of packages is not checked


  • What's the point of a desktop client?

This client works with Android devices connected via ADB; it does not install apps on the host machine.

  • Why not just use the website to download APKs?

That's always an option. However, an F-Droid client supports multiple repositories, searching for apps, filtering by compatibility with your device, showing available updates, et cetera.

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