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Netview enumerates systems using WinAPI calls

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= netview

Netview is a enumeration tool. It uses (with the -d) the current domain or a specified domain (with the -d domain) to enumerate hosts. You can also use the -f if you wish to specify a file with a list of hosts instead. Any hostnames you wish to exclude can be specified in a list with -e. If you want to query for a domain group and highlight where those users are logged in from, specify the group with -g.

Info & Compiled version:

Once a list is gathered, netview check each for the following + IP addresses + Shares + Sessions (users connected to the machine from a remote source) + and Logged on users

All output can be redirected to a file with the '-o' argument. Access to found shares can be checked with -c.

Additionally, a delay (in seconds) between host enumerations can be specified with -i, and a percent jitter (0.0-1.0) to randomize the interval can be specified with -j.

== Example output

=== no arguments {{{ C:>netview.exe

Netview Help

-h : Display this help menu -f filename.txt : Specifies a file to pull a list of hosts from -e filename.txt : Specifies a file of hostnames to exclude -o filename.txt : Out to file instead of STDOUT -d domain : Specifies a domain to pull a list of hosts from uses current domain if none specified -g group : Specify a group name for user hunting uses 'Domain Admins' if none specified -c : Check found shares for read access -i interval : Seconds to wait between enumerating hosts -j jitter : Percent jitter to apply to the interval (0.0-1.0) }}}

=== -d / -d with domain / or -f with filename {{{ C:>netview.exe -d

[*] -d used without domain specifed - using current domain [+] Number of hosts: 1

[+] Host: HOST1

Enumerating AD Info [+] HOST1 - Comment - [+] HOST1 - OS Version - 6.1 [+] HOST1 - MSSQL Server

Enumerating IP Info [+] HOST1 - IPv6 Address - fe80::(removed from example)%10 [+] HOST1 - IPv6 Address - fe80::(removed from example)%15 [+] HOST1 - IPv6 Address - fe80::(removed from example)%12 [+] HOST1 - IPv4 Address - [+] HOST1 - IPv4 Address - [+] HOST1 - IPv6 Address - 2001:(removed from example)

Enumerating Share Info [+] HOST1 - Share - ADMIN$ Remote Admin [+] HOST1 - Share - C$ Default share [+] HOST1 - Share - Backups [+] HOST1 - Share - Finance [+] HOST1 - Share - IPC$ Remote IPC [+] HOST1 - Share - print$ Printer Drivers [+] HOST1 - Share - SharedPrinter Kyocera 5112

Enumerating Session Info [+] HOST1 - Session - MUBIX from \ - Active: 48 - Idle: 44

Enumerating Logged-on Users [+] HOST1 - Logged-on - HOST1\mubix [+] HOST1 - Logged-on - HOST1\mubix


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