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XamEffects - UI effects for Xamarin.Forms



Install-Package XamEffects
  • You have to install this nuget package to Xamarin.Forms project and each platform project.
  • Call after
    • XamEffects.iOS.Effects.Init();
      for iOS AppDelegate in FinishedLaunching
    • XamEffects.Droid.Effects.Init();
      for Android MainActivity in OnCreate

|Platform|Minimum version| |------------|------------| |iOS|8| |Android|4.1 (API 16)| |Xamarin.Forms|2.5.0| |.NETStandard|1.0|



Add touch effect to views.

For Android API >=21 using Ripple effect, for Android API <21 and iOS using animated highlighted view.

|iOS|Android API >=21|Android API <21| |------------|------------|------------| ||

|Property|Type|Value type|Default|Description| |------------|------------|------------|------------|------------| |Color|bindable attached|Color|Color.Default|Front/Ripple color when touched. For deactivate effect set Color.Default value. If color will have alpha channel is 255 effect will change it to ±80.|



TouchEffect.SetColor(view, Color.Red);

Important & known issues

  • Effect may not work in views with enabled Fast Renderers.
  • Effect may not work in views with another gestures and effects like Button, Slider, Picker, Entry, Editor etc.
  • Effect may not work correctly with standard gestures in Xamarin.Forms. If you need some gestures with touch effect, use not GestureRecognizer, but Commands.

If effect doesn't work, try wrap view with ContentView and add effect to wrapper.


Add command to views.

|Property|Type|Value type|Default|Description| |------------|------------|------------|------------|------------| |Tap|bindable attached|ICommand|null|Tap command| |TapParameter|bindable attached|object|null|Tap command parameter| |LongTap|bindable attached|ICommand|null|Long tap command| |LongTapParameter|bindable attached|object|null|Long tap command parameter|



Commands.SetTap(view, new Command(() => {
  //do something
Commands.SetTapParameter(view, someObject);


View with borders, corner radius and clipping to bounds. View based on ContentView, you can specify child through Content property.

|Property|Type|Value type|Default|Description| |------------|------------|------------|------------|------------| |CornerRadius|bindable attached|double|0|Corner radius| |BorderWidth|bindable attached|double|0|Border width| |BorderColor|bindable attached|Color|Color.Default|Border color|



Why view, not effect like other features? Firstly I planned to do this. For iOS there are no problems, but for Android for clipping to rounded corners need override DispatchDraw from native view, that isn't possible from effect.

Important & known issues

  • Padding work incorrectly in Android. Use margin in child view.


Configs and helpers for effects.

|Property|Type|Value type|Default|Description| |------------|------------|------------|------------|------------| |AutoChildrenInputTransparent|usual static|bool|True|Set ChildrenInputTransparent automatically for views with TouchEffect or Command. If value is True you DON'T need manually configure ChildrenInputTransparent. | |ChildrenInputTransparent|bindable attached|bool|False|If you use TouchEffect or Commands for Layout (Grid, StackLayout, etc.) and EffectsConfig.AutoChildrenInputTransparent is False you have to set this parameter to True otherwise in Android layout's children will overlaps these effects. Also you can set

InputTransparent = True
for each children (EXCEPT views using any effect) manually.|


MIT Licensed.

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