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Socket.IO server implemented on Java. Realtime java framework

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Netty-socketio Overview

This project is an open-source Java implementation of Socket.IO server. Based on Netty server framework.

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Licensed under the Apache License 2.0.


  • Supports 0.7...0.9.16 (netty-socketio 1.6.6) and 1.0+ (netty-socketio latest version) version of Socket.IO-client
  • Supports xhr-polling transport
  • Supports websocket transport
  • Supports namespaces and rooms
  • Supports ack (acknowledgment of received data)
  • Supports SSL
  • Supports client store (Memory, Redisson, Hazelcast)
  • Supports distributed broadcast across netty-socketio nodes (Redisson, Hazelcast)
  • Supports OSGi
  • Supports Spring
  • Lock-free and thread-safe implementation
  • Declarative handler configuration via annotations


Customer feedback in 2012:
CentOS, 1 CPU, 4GB RAM runned on VM: CPU 10%, Memory 15%
6000 xhr-long polling sessions or 15000 websockets sessions
4000 messages per second

Customer feedback in 2014:
"To stress test the solution we run 30 000 simultaneous websocket clients and managed to peak at total of about 140 000 messages per second with less than 1 second average delay." (c) Viktor Endersz - Kambi Sports Solutions

Projects using netty-socketio

AVOS Cloud:
Bingo Crack:
Kambi Sports Solutions:

Recent Releases

Please Note: trunk is current development branch.

29-Apr-2021 - version 1.7.19 released

17-Jan-2020 - version 1.7.18 released

Feature - support for event interceptors which catch all events (thanks to yosiat)
Fixed - namespace event broadcasting (thanks to Volodymyr Masliy)

11-Jan-2019 - version 1.7.17 released

Feature - randomSession setting added to Config object (thanks to yuanxiangz)
Fixed - NPE in WebSocketTransport
Fixed - NPE & memory leak (thanks to zhaolianwang)
Fixed - namespace parsing (thanks to Redliver)
Fixed - Redisson 3.9+ compatibility

06-Jul-2018 - version 1.7.16 released

Fixed - non thread-safe ACK handling (thanks to dawnbreaks)
Fixed - inactive long-polling channels cause memory leak (thanks to dawnbreaks)
Fixed - websocket CloseFrame processing (thanks to hangsu.cho)
Fixed - WebSocketTransport NPE

15-May-2018 - version 1.7.15 released

Fixed - Session ID is not unique anymore
Fixed - fixed underlying connection not closing on ping timeout
Fixed - the "fin_close" problem

26-Feb-2018 - version 1.7.14 released

Feature - added local socket address for the connection (thanks to @SergeyGrigorev)
Feature -

method added (thanks to @lovebing)
Feature - add ThreadFactory for HashedWheelTimer (thanks to @hand515)
Fixed - changed SO_LINGER to be handled as child channel (not server channel) option (thanks to @robymus)
Fixed - ByteBuf leak if binary attachments are used
Fixed - restore session from Cookie (thanks to @wuxudong)
Fixed - NumberFormatException when b64 is bool value (thanks to @vonway)
Fixed - data encoding for polling transport

20-Sep-2017 - version 1.7.13 released

Feature - Added option to change the SSL KeyFactoryAlgorithm using Configuration (thanks to @robymus)
Improvement - Binary ack handling improvements (thanks to Sergey Bushik)
Fixed - Failed to mark a promise as success because it has succeeded already (thanks to @robymus)

27-Aug-2016 - version 1.7.12 released

Feature -

method added
Feature -
method with
param added
Improvement - Redisson updated to 2.4.0
Fixed - memory leak in Namespace object (thanks to @CrazyIvan007)

13-Jul-2016 - version 1.7.11 released

Fixed - Throw error if transport not supported
Fixed - Client disconnecting when using Polling - IndexOutOfBoundsException

4-Mar-2016 - version 1.7.10 released

Fixed - netty updated to 4.1.0.CR3 version
Fixed - binary packet parsing (thanks to Winston Li)

6-Feb-2016 - version 1.7.9 released

Feature - Compression support
Fixed - DotNET client request handling
Fixed - Packet length format parsing
Fixed - skipping 'd=' in packet
Fixed - Polling clients sporadically get prematurely disconnected (thanks to lpage30)
Fixed - connections stay open forever if server sent

Fixed - compatibility with Redisson latest version

30-Nov-2015 - version 1.7.8 released

Improvement -

Improvement - SessionID cookie implementation (thanks to @ryandietrich)
Fixed - clientRooms leak (thanks to @andreaspalm)
Fixed - ExceptionListener not used for errors in JSON parsing
Fixed - "silent channel" attack

26-Mar-2015 - version 1.6.7 released

Improvement -

param added for websocket packets strict ordering
Improvement -
option setted in json decoder

18-Feb-2015 - version 1.7.7 released

Improvement - no need to add jackson lib if you use own JsonSupport impl
Fixed - SocketIO client 1.3.x support
Fixed - Charset encoding handling (thanks to alim-akbashev)

17-Jan-2015 - version 1.7.6 released

Improvement -

Fixed - WebSocket frames aggregation
Fixed - WebSocket buffer release
Fixed -
Unexpected end-of-input in VALUE_STRING
Fixed - Access-Control-Allow-Credentials is TRUE for requests with origin header

05-Dec-2014 - version 1.7.5 released

Feature -

param added
Fixed - BinaryEvent ack handling
Fixed - BinaryEvent non b64 encoding/decoding
Fixed - buffer leak during packet encoding

15-Nov-2014 - version 1.7.4 released

Fixed - packet encoding
Fixed - BinaryEvent encoding/decoding
Fixed - unchallenged connections handling

29-Sep-2014 - version 1.6.6 released

Feature -

setting added
Feature -
setting added
Feature -
method added

24-Sep-2014 - version 1.7.3 released

Feature - Epoll support
Improvement - BinaryEvent support
Fixed - SocketIOClient disconnect handling
Fixed - broadcast callback
Fixed - NPE then no transport defined during auth
Fixed - ping timeout for polling transport
Fixed - buffer leak in PacketEncoder

22-Aug-2014 - version 1.7.2 released

Fixed - wrong outgoing message encoding using websocket transport
Fixed - NPE in websocket transport
Fixed - multiple packet decoding in polling transport
Fixed - buffer leak

07-Jul-2014 - version 1.7.1 released

Feature - ability to set custom

via Configuration.origin
Fixed - connection via CLI

28-Jun-2014 - version 1.7.0 released

Feature - Socket.IO 1.0 protocol support. Thanks to the new protocol decoding/encoding has speedup
Dropped -

methods and corresponding listeners
Dropped - Flashsocket transport support
Dropped - protocol version 0.7 ... 0.9.16

13-May-2014 - version 1.6.5 released

Improvement - single packet encoding optimized, used mostly in WebSocket transport. Encoding time reduced up to 40% (thanks to Viktor Endersz)
Improvement - rooms handling optimized
Improvement - ExceptionListener.exceptionCaught method added
Breaking api change - Configuration.autoAck replaced with ackMode
Feature - trustStore setting added
Feature - maxFramePayloadLength setting added
Feature - getAllClients and getClient methods added to SocketIONamespace
Fixed - SocketIOServer.getAllClients returns wrong clients amount

25-Mar-2014 - version 1.6.4 released

Fixed - message release problem
Fixed - problem with exception listener configuration redefinition
Breaking api change - DataListener.onData now throws Exception
Improvement - data parameter added to exception listener
Improvement - ability to setup socket configuration
Improvement - Configuration.autoAck parameter added

06-Mar-2014 - version 1.6.3 released

Fixed - AckCallback handling during client disconnect
Fixed - unauthorized handshake HTTP code changed to 401
Breaking api change - Configuration.heartbeatThreadPoolSize setting removed
Feature - annotated Spring beans support via SpringAnnotationScanner
Feature - common exception listener
Improvement - ScheduledExecutorService replaced with HashedWheelTimer

08-Feb-2014 - version 1.6.2 released

Fixed - wrong namespace client disconnect handling
Fixed - exception in onConnect/onDisconnect/isAuthorized methods leads to server hang
Breaking api change - SocketIOClient.sendEvent methods signature changed
Improvement - multi type events support via MultiTypeEventListener and OnEvent annotation
Improvement - multi type events ack support via MultiTypeAckCallback
Improvement - SocketIOClient.getHandshakeData method added
Improvement - Jedis replaced with Redisson

14-Jan-2014 - version 1.6.1 released

Fixed - JDK 1.6+ compatibility
Feature - authorization support

19-Dec-2013 - version 1.6.0 released

Fixed - XHR-pooling transport regression
Fixed - Websocket transport regression
Fixed - namespace NPE in PacketHandler
Fixed - executors shutdown during server stop
Feature - client store (Memory, Redis, Hazelcast) support
Feature - distributed broadcast across netty-socketio nodes (Redis, Hazelcast) support
Feature - OSGi support (thanks to rdevera)
Improvement - XHR-pooling optimization
Improvement - SocketIOClient.getAllRooms method added

07-Dec-2013 - version 1.5.4 released

Fixed - flash policy "request leak" after page reload (thanks to ntrp)
Fixed - websocket swf loading (thanks to ntrp)
Fixed - wrong urls causes a potential DDoS
Fixed - Event.class package visibility changed to avoid direct usage
Improvement - Simplified Jackson modules registration

24-Oct-2013 - version 1.5.2 released

Fixed - NPE during shutdown
Improvement - isEmpty method added to Namespace

13-Oct-2013 - version 1.5.1 released

Fixed - wrong ack timeout callback invocation
Fixed - bigdecimal serialization for JSON
Fixed - infinity loop during packet handling exception
Fixed - 'client not found' handling

27-Aug-2013 - version 1.5.0 released

Improvement - encoding buffers allocation optimization.
Improvement - encoding buffers now pooled in memory to reduce GC pressure (netty 4.x feature).

03-Aug-2013 - version 1.0.1 released

Fixed - error on unknown property during deserialization.
Fixed - memory leak in long polling transport.
Improvement - logging error info with inbound data.

07-Jun-2013 - version 1.0.0 released

First stable release.


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