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A Python implementation of RAISR

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A Python implementation of RAISR

How To Use


You can install most of the following packages using pip.


Put your training images in the

directory. The training images are the high resolution (HR) ones. Run the following command to start training.
python train.py

In the training stage, the program virtually downscales the high resolution images. The program then trains the model using the downscaled version images and the original HR images. The learned filters

will be saved in the root directory of the project. The result Q, V matrix (
) will also be saved for further retraining. To train an improved model with your previous Q, V, use the following command.
python train.py -q q.p -v v.p


Put your testing images in the

directory. Basically, you can use some low resolution (LR) images as your testing images. By running the following command, the program takes
generated by training as your default filters.
python test.py

The result (HR version of the testing images) will be saved in the

directory. To use an alternative filter file, take using the pretrained
for example, use the following command.
python test.py -f filters/filter_BSDS500


Visualing the learned filters

python train.py -p

Visualing the process of RAISR image upscaling

python test.py -p

For more details, use the help command argument


Testing Results

Comparing between original image, bilinear interpolation and RAISR:

| Origin | Bilinear Interpolation | RAISR | |:----------------------:|:----------------------:|:----------------------:| |origin_gray_crop bmp|cheap_crop bmp|raisr_gray_crop bmp|

Other results using images taken from BSDS500 database and ArTe-Lab 1D Medium Barcode Dataset:

| Origin | RAISR | |:-------------:|:-------------:| |origin_crop bmp|raisr_crop bmp| |origin_crop bmp|raisr_crop bmp| |origin_crop bmp|raisr_crop bmp|


We actively welcome pull requests. Learn how to contribute.


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MIT. Copyright (c) 2017 James Chen

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