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n-dimensional RRT, RRT* (RRT-Star)

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Collection of rrt-based algorithms that scale to n-dimensions: - rrt - rrt* (rrt-star) - rrt* (bidirectional) - rrt* (bidriectional, lazy shortening) - rrt connect

Utilizes R-trees to improve performance by avoiding point-wise collision-checking and distance-checking.



Define an n-dimensional Search Space, and n-dimensional obstacles within that space. Assign start and goal locations as well as the number of iterations to expand the tree before testing for connectivity with the goal, and the max number of overall iterations.

Search Space

Assign bounds to Search Space in form:

[(x_lower, x_upper), (y_lower, y_upper), ...]

Start and Goal

Points represented by tuples of form:

(x, y, ...)


Axis-aligned (hyper)rectangles represented by a tuples of form

(x_lower, y_lower, ..., x_upper, y_upper, ...)

Non-axis aligned (hyper)rectangles or other obstacle representations should also work, provided that

are updated to work with the new obstacles.


Assign resolution of edges: -

: Distance away from existing vertices to probe. -
: Discretization length to use for edges when sampling along them to check for collisions. Higher numbers run faster, but may lead to undetected collisions.


Visualization examples can be found for rrt and rrt* in both 2 and 3 dimensions. - 2D RRT - 3D RRT - 2D RRT* - 3D RRT* - 2D Bidirectional RRT* - 3D Bidirectional RRT* - 2D Heuristic Bidirectional RRT* - 3D Heuristic Bidirectional RRT*


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MIT License

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