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Yet another Go REPL that works nicely. Featured with line editing, code completion, and more.

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Yet another Go REPL that works nicely. Featured with line editing, code completion, and more.


(Screencast taken with cho45/KeyCast)



After a prompt is shown, enter any Go expressions/statements/functions or commands described below.

To quit the session, type

or use


  • Line editing with history
  • Multi-line input
  • Package importing with completion
  • Evaluates any expressions, statements and function declarations
  • No "evaluated but not used" errors
  • Code completion (requires gocode)
  • Showing documents
  • Auto-importing (
    gore -autoimport

REPL Commands

Some functionalities are provided as commands in the REPL:

:import   Import package
:type             Print the type of expression
:print                  Show current source
:write []     Write out current source to file
:clear                  Clear the codes
:doc       Show document
:help                   List commands
:quit                   Quit the session

Supported Versions

Only the latest major version.


The gore command requires Go tool-chains on runtime, so standalone binary is not distributed.

go get -u github.com/motemen/gore/cmd/gore

Make sure

is in your

Also recommended:

go get -u github.com/mdempsky/gocode   # for code completion

Or you can use Docker:

git clone https://github.com/motemen/gore.git
cd gore
docker build -t gore .
docker run -it --rm gore


  • gore runs code using
    go run
    for each input. All the inputted lines are evaluated again and again so you can't bind the evaluated time by
    , for example. If you don't like this behavior, you may want to use yaegi.
  • gore support Go modules. You can load local modules when you start gore at the project directory. You don't need to
    go get
    to check the usage of a remote repository,
    :import github.com/...
    will automatically download that module. Also, you don't need to
    go get
    the pretty print module anymore. If you want to load a local code from
    , you need to create the modules file (
    go mod init ...
    ) and then start gore at the project directory.


The MIT License.


motemen <[email protected]>

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