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Audio Denoising with Deep Network Priors

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Speech Denoising by Accumulating Per-Frequency Modeling Fluctuations

This repository provides a PyTorch implementation of "Speech Denoising by Accumulating Per-Frequency Modeling Fluctuations" (paper)

The method trains on noisy audio signal and provides a the clean underlying signal. Comparison with traditional unsupervised methods can be found here

The method is completely unsupervised and only trains on the specific audio clip that is being denoised.

The algorithm is based on the observation that modeling noise in the signal is harder than a clean signal. During the fitting we observe flactuations in different stages of the train. By calculating the amount of difference between outputs in the time-frequency domain we create a robust spectral mask used for denoising the noisy output. Accumulator


A conda environment file is available in the repository. * Python 3.6 + * Pytorch 1.0 * Torchvision * librosa * tqdm * scipy * soundfile


1. Cloning the repository & setting up conda environment

$ git clone
$ cd DNP/

For creating and activating the conda environment:

$ conda env create -f environment.yml
$ conda activate DNP

2. Testing

To test on the demo speech file:

$ python --run_name demo --noisy_file demo.wav --samples_dir samples --save_every 50 --num_iter 5000 --LR 0.001

To test on any other audio file insert the file path after the


A jupyter notebook with visualization is available:



If you found this code useful, please cite the following paper:

  title={Speech Denoising by Accumulating Per-Frequency Modeling Fluctuations},
  author={Michael Michelashvili and Lior Wolf},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1904.07612},


The implemantation of the network architecture is taken from Wave-U-Net

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