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This django widget contains Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 Date-Picker, Time-Picker, DateTime-Picker, Month-Picker and Year-Picker input with date-range-picker functionality for django version 2.1, 2.0, 1.11, 1.10 and 1.8. The widget implements

bootstrap-datetimepicker v4 
__ to show bootstrap-datepicker in django model forms and custom forms which can be configured easily for date-range selection.

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  • With Bootstrap 3 
  • With Bootstrap 4 

Getting Started

Prerequisites ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ - Python >= 3.3 - Django >= 1.8 - Bootstrap >= 3 - jquery >= 1.7.1

Installing ^^^^^^^^^^ Install the PyPI package via pip


pip install django-bootstrap-datepicker-plus


to the list of
in your

.. code:: python

    # Add the following

This installation instruction assumes you have

and Bootstrap JS/CSS files present in your template and you are using
in your django template. If not you have to configure your template.

Next ^^^^^^^^^^ -

Template configuration 
__ -
Documentation on ReadTheDocs 
__ -
Quick Walkthrough Tutorial 
__ -
I am having errors 


Usage in Generic View ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

.. code:: python

# File:
from bootstrap_datepicker_plus import DateTimePickerInput
from django.views import generic
from .models import Question

class CreateView(generic.edit.CreateView): model = Question fields = ['question_text', 'pub_date'] def get_form(self): form = super().get_form() form.fields['pub_date'].widget = DateTimePickerInput() return form

Advanced Usage ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Usage in Custom Form 
  • Usage in Model Form 

Types of DatePickers ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The widget contains all types of date-picker you may ever need.

.. code:: python

# File:
from bootstrap_datepicker_plus import DatePickerInput, TimePickerInput, DateTimePickerInput, MonthPickerInput, YearPickerInput
from django import forms

class EventForm(forms.ModelForm): class Meta: model = Event fields = ['start_date', 'start_time', 'start_datetime', 'start_month', 'start_year'] widgets = { 'start_date': DatePickerInput(), 'start_time': TimePickerInput(), 'start_datetime': DateTimePickerInput(), 'start_month': MonthPickerInput(), 'start_year': YearPickerInput(), }

Implement date-range-picker ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

DatePickers can be linked to select a date-range or time-range.

.. code:: python

# File:
from bootstrap_datepicker_plus import DatePickerInput, TimePickerInput
from django import forms

class EventForm(forms.ModelForm): class Meta: model = Event fields = ['name', 'start_date', 'end_date', 'start_time', 'end_time'] widgets = { 'start_date':DatePickerInput().start_of('event days'), 'end_date':DatePickerInput().end_of('event days'), 'start_time':TimePickerInput().start_of('party time'), 'end_time':TimePickerInput().end_of('party time'), }

Customization ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -

Datepicker Options 
__ -
Input field HTML template 
__ -




This project is licensed under Apache License 2.0 - see the

__ file for details.


This project implements

__ to display date-pickers. The project was initially forked from

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