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Like JSON.stringify, but doesn't throw on circular references

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Like JSON.stringify, but doesn't throw on circular references.


Takes the same arguments as

var stringify = require('json-stringify-safe');
var circularObj = {};
circularObj.circularRef = circularObj;
circularObj.list = [ circularObj, circularObj ];
console.log(stringify(circularObj, null, 2));


  "circularRef": "[Circular]",
  "list": [


stringify(obj, serializer, indent, decycler)

The first three arguments are the same as to JSON.stringify. The last is an argument that's only used when the object has been seen already.

The default

function returns the string
. If, for example, you pass in
(return nothing) then it will prune cycles. If you pass in
function(k,v){ return {foo: 'bar'}}
, then cyclical objects will always be represented as
in the result.
stringify.getSerialize(serializer, decycler)

Returns a serializer that can be used elsewhere. This is the actual function that's passed to JSON.stringify.

Note that the function returned from

is stateful for now, so do not use it more than once.

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