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Automatic Discord muting for Among Us! No installs necessary, just enter the code, join the voice channel, and you're off!

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This is the source code for the Discord bot and Among Us client that compromise Impostor. Note that Impostor is not intended for self-hosting (although it is theoretically possible), so if you want Impostor on your Discord server the easiest solution is to simply click here.


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This project consists of two components, creatively named bot and client. Bot is the Discord part written in TypeScript that handles all the logic around command handling, session management, member voice channel moving, etc. Client is a simple C# implementation of the Among Us networking protocol, just barely enough to connect to the lobby, fetch player data and emit events. Bot launches a client instance for every lobby, reading events from client through stdout.

Developing Bot

To get started with developing the bot, you'll need to install dependencies. First of all you need to have Node.js installed. After that, simply run

npm/yarn install
to get all the dependencies needed.

./node_modules/.bin/tsc -w
will start a watching TypeScript compiler that will automatically compile the TypeScript source to JavaScript. After that, simply configure your
by copying the template and filling in values, then run
node dist/index.js
to start the bot.

Note that you will also need a PostgreSQL database for running the bot.

Developing Client

For the client, be sure to clone the repository with submodules enabled, then simply open the solution in

to develop. You can also use the dotnet CLI to build the client, using
dotnet build

Step-by-Step Instructions for Self-Hosting Impostor

  1. Install Node.js + npm, .NET Core, PostgreSQL, and any others needed.
  2. Clone the repository recursively (
    git clone --recursive
  3. Navigate to
    , duplicate the file, rename to
    , and fill in the blanks. The result will look something like this:
  4. Update the code associated with the emojis in
    (add the ID, name, etc)
  5. Navigate to
    in your cmd/PowerShell/terminal
  6. Run
    npm install
    to install dependencies.
  7. Run
    to compile TypeScript to JavaScript.
  8. Run
    node dist/index.js
    (pm2 is recommended to keep it running for long periods)
  9. Change directory to
  10. Open cmd/PowerShell/terminal and run
    dotnet build

Note: When using Linux, I recommend setting up a

file to simplify the process when rebooting the bot, as some bugs in the code require a restart.



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