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Free (standard conforming) library from the Modelica Association to model mechanical (1D/3D), electr...

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Modelica Standard Library

Free library from the Modelica Association to model mechanical (1D/3D), electrical (analog, digital, machines), magnetic, thermal, fluid, control systems and hierarchical state machines. Also numerical functions and functions for strings, files and streams are included.

Library description


is a free library that is developed together with the Modelica language from the Modelica Association. It is also called Modelica Standard Library. It provides model components and standard component interfaces from many engineering domains. Each model comes with documentation included. The generous license conditions allow usage in commercial products.

Note, the usage of a Modelica library requires a Modelica simulation environment, see the tools page, and that such an environment usually already includes the Modelica standard library. It is possible that the demo version of the commercial tools will not allow to simulate non-trivial examples from the library.


Current release

Modelica Standard Library v4.0.0 (2020-06-04)

Older Releases

Browse the Releases page in order to get access to older releases of the Modelica Standard Library.


This Modelica package is free software and the use is completely at your own risk; it can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the 3-Clause BSD License.


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Development and contribution

The development is organised by the Modelica Association Project - Libraries (MAP-LIB). See also the contribution guide and the MAP-LIB Project Rules for more information.

You may report any issues by using the Issue Tracker.

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