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[DEPRECATED] implementation for Rust language. Please use

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:warning: WARNING: This is no longer maintained nor works with current versions of Rust! Please use instead.

rust-msgpack Build Status

Msgpack implementation for Rust language.


Simply include the rust-msgpack in your Cargo dependencies.


git = "[email protected]:mneumann/rust-msgpack.git"


extern crate msgpack;

fn main() { let arr = vec!["str1".to_string(), "str2".to_string()]; let str = msgpack::Encoder::to_msgpack(&arr).ok().unwrap(); println!("Encoded: {}", str);

let dec: Vec = msgpack::from_msgpack(str).ok().unwrap(); println!("Decoded: {}", dec); }

To enable your own data structures to be automatically serialized from and to msgpack, derive from Encodable and Decodable as shown in the following example:

extern crate serialize;

#[deriving(Encodable,Decodable)] struct MyStruct { a: Vec, s: String }


cargo test


This code licensed under the same terms as Rust itself: dual MIT/Apache2 license options.

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