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An embedded ruby web application for remote Android device management.

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BROADCAST Broadcast is an embedded web application for remote Android device management.

Broadcast has four goals:

  • Remote monitoring: Make Android state and device data available over a network.
  • Remote control: Allow remote control of an Android device over a network.
  • Proof-of-concept: Demonstrate that complex ruby applications can run in an Android environment, even with constrained resources.
  • Framework: Set the groundwork for a number of advanced applications.

POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS Off the top of our heads, here are some potential applications:

  • Remote surveillance systems
  • Remote device diagnostic utilities
  • Location tracking systems
  • Temporary network file servers

CURENT FEATURE SET Broadcast is alpha-quality software, and is not feature-complete. The following features are supported:

  • view battery temperature
  • view last location
  • remote camera control and image preview
  • remote text-to-speech
  • file browsing, downloading and uploading

PLANNED FEATURES - remote video recording - remote audio recording

UNDER THE HOOD - Jruby - SL4A, Scripting Layer for Android - Lightweight, pure ruby server stack: sinatra + rack + webrick - rack-test and test/unit - jQuery Javascript framework - JSON for serializing AJAX request data

SETUP Pleave see the SETUP file in this directory.

LICENSE Broadcast is open-source software distributed under the MIT license.

Copyright (c) 2010 Michael Leone, with support from Panoptic Development, Inc.

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