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Directory and File Overview

This should give you an overview of the most important files and directories.


This is a global configuration file where you could specify the location and timezone of your smart home.


In this configuration file you configure the plugins and their attributes.


In the logic.conf you specify your logics and when they will be run.


[AtSunset] filename = crontab = sunset


This directory contains one or more item configuration files. The filename does not matter, except it has to end with '.conf'.


[global] [[sun]] type = bool attribute = foo


This directory contains your logic files. Simple or sophisitcated python scripts. You could address your smarthome item by

. If you want to read an item call
or to set an item
# logics/
if  # if == True:
    sh.gloabl.sun(False)  # set it to False

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