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PapyrusCS renders maps of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition worlds using C#, LevelDB and leaflet.

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A Minecraft: Bedrock Edition map renderer.

Papayrus renders a top-down map of every already explored chunk. It works on Windows and on Linux, and it outputs HTML and images suitable for displaying on the web.


Papyrus is a tool to render Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (MCBE) worlds on the web. It's written in C# and powered by .NET Core. You can view an example here.

There are several tools which work for Java Edition. MCBE worlds don't use the Anvil format like in the Java Edition. Mojang chose a modified version of Google's LevelDB to save MCBE maps. Papyrus reads these worlds and assembles a render of every pre-generated chunk.

Contribute xor support

If you want to help improving Papyrus please consider forking the repository, making your changes, and proposing a PR.

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Easy mode - Windows

Easy mode - Linux

  • Grab the Linux pre-built binaries.
  • Make sure that your graphics libs are up-to-date. On Ubuntu/Debian, that looks like:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install libgdiplus
    sudo apt-get install libc6-dev
  • Make the
    binary executable:
    chmod +x PapyrusCs
  • Optional: update the textures
  • Then follow the usage instructions.

Hard mode - build it yourself

See the building instructions.

Updating the textures

Papyrus comes with some of the required textures, but recent MCBE releases may have added more. You can update with a texture pack in order to generate everything just right.

The vanilla resource pack with the default textures can be downloaded from here. Extract

from that zip. Wherever you unzipped Papyrus, replace its
directory with what you got from the resource pack.


PapyrusCs is a command-line tool. Supported flags are shown here.

are required; the rest are optional.

papyruscs --world "My World/db" --output "C:\papyrus"

On Windows, you can now start

in interactive mode. Run without any arguments, and it will try to find your local minecraft maps.

The rest of the parameters are listed if you run with

PapyrusCs 0.5.0
Copyright (C) 2020 Markus Jungnickel

-w, --world Sets the path the Minecraft Bedrock Edition Map

-o, --output Sets the output path for the generated map tiles

--htmlfile (Default: map.html) Sets name of html map file

-s, --strategy (Default: Dataflow) Sets the render strategy. Valid is only Dataflow

--coords (Default: false) Render text coordinates in each chunk

--limitx Limits the chunk rendering in the x dimension (inclusive). Provide two values with comma separated, eg: -10,10

--limitz Limits the chunk rendering in the z dimension (inclusive). Provide two values with comma separated, eg: -10,10

-y, --limity (Default: -1) Limits the chunk rendering in the y dimension (inclusive). For y provide just one positive value, eg: 10. -1 means: all

--threads (Default: 16) Set maximum of used threads

--maxqueue (Default: 128) Set maximum queue length for the pipeline stages

-r, --rendermode (Default: Heightmap) RenderMode: Basic - Render without brightness adjustment. Heightmap - Render with brightness adjustment based on brillouin function and height of block

--brillouin_j (Default: 10000) Sets factor j for heightmap brightness formula brillouin: brightness = 1+brillouin((height-offset) / divider): See for a diagram of the function.

--brillouin_divider (Default: 20) Sets divider for heightmap brightness formula brillouin: brightness = 1+brillouin((height-offset) / divider). See for a diagram of the function.

--brillouin_offset (Default: 64) Sets the offset for heightmap brightness formula brillouin: brightness = 1+brillouin((height-offset) / divider). See for a diagram of the function.

-f (Default: png) Sets the output file format

-q (Default: -1) Sets quality for jpg or web format (0-100, -1 for lossless webp)

--forceoverwrite (Default: false) Forces PapyrusCs to render every chunk again

-d, --dim (Default: 0) Selects the dimension. 0: Overworld, 1: Nether, 2: End

-p, --profile (Default: ) Optional profile: 'underground', 'aquatic', 'ore', 'stronghold'

--trimceiling (Default: false) Removes the ceiling starting from y-max. Automatically activated for nether

--notrimceiling (Default: false) Disables auto ceiling removal for Nether

--deleteexistingupdatefolder (Default: false) Delete an existing update/dimX folder right before creating a possible new update

--chunksperdimension (Default: 2) Sets the chunks per X and Y dimension for the generated tiles. 1 => 1 chunk per tile, 2 => 4 chunks per tile and so on

--playericons (Default: false) Renders player markers on the map. Player names must be manually entered. After running, edit '/map/playersData.js' text file to modify player names and colors.

--render_map (Default: true) Renders the map. This is the main feature of this program. Only disable this in special circumstances, such as if you want to quickly update player markers without updating the map.

--help Display this help screen.

--version Display version information.


Papyrus runs on .NET Core 3.0+. First, make sure you have .NET Core 3.0 on your development machine.

To compile for Windows, either use a recent Visual Studio or run:

dotnet publish PapyrusCs -c Release --self-contained --runtime win-x64

To compile for Linux run:

dotnet publish PapyrusCs -c Debug --self-contained --runtime linux-x64

Additional dependencies

PapyrusCs depends on a few external libraries with some custom changes. The source for the modified versions is included in this repository. All needed dependencies are already included in this repository or automatically downloaded via NuGet.


Version 0.5.0 - So many things

Update to .NET Core 3.1 Updated textures - Fixed null ref exception with bee hives - Interactive mode (Thx to aaronaxvig) - Crc32 Fix (Thx to bennydiamond) - Updated Readme (Thx to PaulWalkerUK) - Player Markser (thx to barrett777)

Version 0.4.0 - Memory usage and textures improvements

A few tweaks to improve memory usage:

use parameter --threads 1 --maxqueue 1 to limit memory usage.

This version also includes two pull requests: * Significantly improve memory usage when rendering zoom levels (#21 by barrett777) * Fixed bunch of annoyances (#19 by jflin404)

Thx for the help! Thx to Mecu for updating the docs!

Version 0.3.7 - .NET Core 3 Update

Update to .NET Core 3 Changed link to openlayers Some other optimizations...

Version 0.3.6

Less memory usage and faster! More robust!

Version 0.3.5

Thx to @hach-que!

--profile underground|aquatic|ore|stronghold
add underground, aquatic, ore OR stronghold after
for the specific profile view.

Version 0.3.3

OpenLayers as new default mapping library! Thanks for the contribution! Use

options if you want to use the old leaflet instead.

Version 0.3.2

Texture fixes\ --brillouin_offset x parameter for worlds with low/high ground level\ --forceoverwrite parameter to force reender everything\

Version 0.3

What's new:

New folder structure:

The new folder structure is:

|   |-dim0
|   |-dim1
|   |-dim2
|   |-map.html
|   |-playersData.js
|   |-dim0
|   |-dim1
|   |-dim2
|   |-map.html
|   |-playersData.js

Incremental Rendering:

With strategy Dataflow (default) PapyrusCs creates a sqlite database with chunk CRCs to check if a update rendering is necessary. PapyrusCs creates an update folder, which contains only the files that were updated (it will be copied to the map folder as well) So you just have to upload the content of the update folder after an update of the map.

With the option

the current dimension update folder to be rendered (dim0/1/2) will be deleted before the next update will be rendered. This is useful if you don't want to upload previous updated files again. Of course you can delete this folder by hand yourself.


PapyrusCs supports dimensions now: Overworld, Nether, The End\ To render another dimension, add the --dim parameter (default --dim 0):\

--dim 0 (=Overworld)
--dim 1 (=Nether)
--dim 2 (=The End)
To render all dimensions in one map with layers See papyrus bedrock server, you have to call PapyrusCs three times. Example:\
PapyrusCs -w  -o  -dim 0
PapyrusCs -w  -o  -dim 1
PapyrusCs -w  -o  -dim 2

This will generate all dimensions as maps.\


Multiple formats are now supported: jpg, png, webp\ You now can select the output format with -f jpg or -f png or -f webp\ For jpg and webp, you can select the quality:\

jpg: 0-100 (100 best)\ webp: 0-100 (100 best but lossy. Value -1 is lossless and usually smaller than 100, -1 is also default)\

You can set that value with the parameter -q


-f webp -q -1
-f png
-f jpg -q 20

Other notes

Special thanks to...

... clarkx86 for his team work and idea giving and his port in node.js.


Papyrus is in no way affiliated with Mojang or Minecraft.

Contact: [email protected]

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