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💸 Take control back. Track your everyday spendings.

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"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." - Peter Drucker

Take control back. Introducing Expense Manager, an app to track your daily spendings. It is made of two main components: 1. Main application: Used to add expenses to the sheet 2. Expense Sheet: This is where you can do all kinds of analysis/summarization of your expenses.

Why? Because Google Sheets is really good with numbers, but entering data from the mobile app is not very convenient. The idea is to make adding expense as simple as it can be. You should add them at the same moment you make a transaction. Make it like a habit.

Detailed analysis of the sheet can be deferred till you get an access to a computer. You can plot fancy charts at end of the month, set the budget for next week, etc. And I feel all of that need not necessarily be done on small screen.


  • Built for the web - works cross-platform (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux).
  • Uses Google Sheet as a database to store expenses. Why?
    1. Privacy. It's your personal data. It should belong to you.
    2. Sheets is way better at handling numbers than me. You can do all kinds of analysis using graphs, formulas, etc.
    3. I didn't want to write backend :nerd_face:
  • Progressive Web App
    - Quick to load, can be installed as a standalone app on phone.
  • Easier sharing. Sharing expenses with someone (wife, family)? Share the expense sheet and all of your combined data belongs to the single sheet.
  • Backup. Didn't I tell you it uses Google Sheets to store expenses? Your data is always backed up on :partly_sunny:
  • Mobile friendly layout.
  • [NEW] Supports internal amount transfer enteries (things like withdrawing cash, investing to an retirement account, etc)

How to get started

  1. Copy this sheet to your Google Drive. After sign in, choose
    File -> Make a Copy...
    Make a Copy
  2. Don't rename it. It should be named
    Expense Sheet
    Expense Sheet
  3. Update categories, account names, initial values in Data sheet. Clear our sample expenses in the first sheet.
  4. That's it! You can start adding expenses now.


  • Read access to Google Drive to find
    Expense Sheet
  • Read and write access to Google Sheets to add expenses.

Check it out :rocket:

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