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A hexapod robot simulator built from first principles

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Mithi's Hexapod Robot Simulator

| | | | | |---------|---------|---------|---------| |Twisting turning and tilting|||Adjusting camera view|


You might be interested in checking out my rewrite in Javascript, live at: , which is like 10000000x faster. If you'd like to build you're own user interface with Node, you can download the algorithm alone as a package in the npm registry: Hexapod Kinematics Library. There is also a "fork" modified where you can use the app to control a physical hexapod robot as you can see in the gif below.



| STATUS | FEATURE | DESCRIPTION | |---|-----------|--------------| | 🎉 | Forward Kinematics | Given the angles of each joint, what does the robot look like?| | 🎉 | Inverse Kinematics | What are the angles of each joint to make the robot look the way I want? Is it even possible? Why or why not? | | 🎉 | Uniform Movements | If all of the legs behaved the same way, how will the hexapod robot as a whole behave? | | 🎉 | Customizability | Set the dimensions and shape of the robot's body and legs. (6 parameters) | | 🎉 | Usability | Control the camera view, pan, tilt, zoom, whatever. | | 🎉 | Simplicity | Minimal dependencies. Depends solely on Numpy for calculations. Uses only Plotly Dash for plotting, Dash can be safely replaced if a better 3d plotting library is available. | | ❗ | Stability Check (WIP) | If we pose the robot in a particular way, will it fall over? | | ❗ | Fast | Okay, it's not as fast as I wanted, but when run locally, it's okay | | ❗ | Bug-free | Fine, right now there's still room for improvement | | ❗ | Well-tested | Yeah, I need to compile test cases first |


|image|image| |----|----| | image | image |


  • [x] Python 3.8.1
  • [x] Plotly Dash 1.18.1
  • [x] Plotly Dash Daq 0.5.0
  • [x] Numpy 1.19.5
  • [x] See also ./requirements.txt


$ python
Running on


| Kinematics| |---| | IK|

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