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App that interacts with a Rest Api. Architecture is MVVM.

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REST API with MVVM and Retrofit2

Watch the app demo.

In this course you'll learn how to interact with a REST API from The app will retrieve information from the website and display it in various view types.

Here's the specifics of what you will see in the course:

  1. Communicating with a webservice (rest api) using Retrofit2
  2. MVVM Architecture: ViewModel, Repository, Client structure
  3. How to design an architecture
  4. Singletons
  5. Custom Loading Animation ProgressBar in Recyclerview
  6. ViewModels and AndroidViewModels
  7. Multiple View Types in a Recyclerview
  8. RecyclerView Pagination
  9. Building Custom Toolbars
  10. Customizing Toolbar Behaviors with CoordinatorLayout and AppBarLayout
  11. Observables, LiveData, MutableLiveData and MediatorLiveData
  12. Displaying Images using Glide
  13. CardViews
  14. SearchViews
  15. Menus
  16. Passing data between activities using intent extras
  17. Executors and Background Threads
  18. ThreadPools
  19. Network Security Config for HTTP (API 28+)
  20. And much more...

Architecture Diagram

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